Fleet Removed from Twitter Today, Know All 4 Facts

KOMPAS.com – Twitter officially closed the Fleet feature, Tuesday (8/3/2021). This was previously announced via Twitter in mid-July.

This is a circular Instagram Story-like feature located at the top of the Twitter screen.

Through Fleet, users can upload content of short duration in the form of videos, photos, text, or tweets.

Wednesday (8/4/2021) morning, this topic began to appear on the most popular topics or Twitter Trending Topics. Several users expressed their farewell via their tweets.

“My Twitter feels so weird without Fleet (crying emoji),” wrote one user.

“I’ve only used Armada three times since it launched and after the feature was gone, I felt like something was missing from my Twitter (sad emoji),” wrote another.

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Here are some facts to know, including why Twitter removed Fleet:

1. Not many fans

This was probably one of the questions that popped into the heads of many users when they realized Fleet had been removed from Twitter.

Although some users expressed sadness that this feature is no longer available, the fact is that there are not many Armada fans.

This was revealed by Twitter in response to user comments asking why Fleet was removed.

“We wish Fleet could get people to join the conversation, but that’s not the case. So we removed it and focused on improving other parts of Twitter,” they wrote.

Twitter’s VP of Product, Ilya Brown, also said the same via blog Indonesia.

“We hope Armada can help more people feel comfortable joining the conversation on Twitter.”

“But since we introduced Fleet to everyone, we haven’t seen the increase in the number of conversations people have with Fleet as we expected,” he said.

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2. Lasts less than a year

Twitter announced Fleet in November 2020. However, this feature has already closed in August 2021. Meaning, Fleet didn’t even last for a year.

Twitter previously hoped Fleet could be a feature that makes users feel less burdened when sharing content and comfortable joining conversations.

Because, like Instagram Stories, content shared on Fleet will only exist for 24 hours.

“Although we managed to overcome some of the anxieties holding people back so they don’t tweeting, Fleet is mostly used by people who have posted Tweets to amplify their own Tweets and talk directly to others.”

“We will explore more ways to address what is preventing people from participating on Twitter. And for people who have tweeting, we will focus on creating better for you guys,” said Brown.

3. Inviting pros and cons

The presence of Fleet had invited pros and cons among users.

Citing news from Kompas.com (20/11/2020), a number of users, including from Indonesia, disagree with this feature and feel comfortable with the existing features.

Some say that Fleet makes Twitter feel the same as other social media which indeed implements many similar features.

There were also some users who at the time suggested that Twitter should focus on important features, such as the ability to edit Tweets or cancel uploads of Tweets instead of bringing Fleet which they deem unnecessary.

I am waiting for you on twitter, oh, unsend feature, edit tweet, fleet filter,” wrote one user.

Similar pros and cons exist among global Twitter users. One of the reasons is because this feature makes their favorite platform look like any other social media.

When Fleet was officially removed, similar pros and cons were also found among users.

Some Twitter users feel that the Fleet feature is unnecessary because it is similar to other social media platforms.  Many of them claim to be comfortable with Twitter today.PEXELS/FREESTOCKS.ORG Some Twitter users feel that the Fleet feature is unnecessary because it is similar to other social media platforms. Many of them claim to be comfortable with Twitter today.

4. Place is still available

Twitter also has a Spaces feature, an audio room like Clubhouse that Twitter users can use.

The room is usually in the same room as the Fleet.

Even though the Fleet has been removed, we can still see Space in outer space.

“When Fleet is discontinued, Spaces, an audio room similar to Twitter’s Clubhouse, will occupy the same slot in the app,” says the TechCrunch website.

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