First Stream: Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish

At the start of the music video for “Stay,” her new collaboration with Justin Bieber, The Kid LAROI is stuck in one moment, the world around her completely frozen as she processes her messy romantic feelings. The Australian singer-rapper has been on the rise to immense fame—her breakthrough single “Without You,” which hit the Hot 100 top 10 when Miley Cyrus jumped into remixes, certainly helped—and the wildly catchy ’80s rehearsal “Still” sounds. like it should push it to a new level; professionally, this is a moment he should enjoy.

Billie Eilish, “NDA”

As Billie Eilish approaches the release of his highly anticipated second LP Happier than before, he offers a departure from the dark-pop sound for which he is famous, from the acoustic ballad “Your Power” to the jazzy track “Lost Cause.” Although “NDA” sounds similar to the standout songs of 2019 When We Are All Asleep, Where Do We Go?Eilish’s latest single is nothing more than an extension of her pop approach: she sings about trying to live a normal life as someone new to fame, with synth waves crashing into a heart-wrenching Auto-tune.

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