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Everything related to Bali is identically beautiful and romantic. Starting from the natural scenery, customs, to not miss the beauty and good looks of Bali.

All of these things blend harmoniously as if they complemented each other in a movie Very suitable which is now showing on Netflix.

According to the description in the description column, the romantic genre film A Perfect Fit seems to want to present all things romantic in Bali through the ‘uwu-ness’ of a young couple Saski (Nadya Arina) and Rio (Refal Hady).

Countless romantic moments and scenes in this film make my heart flutter.

It starts from the moment Saski sets foot in Rio’s shoe shop after being forced to follow the wishes of his friend, Andra (Laura Theux) who believes in a prophecy that Saski will meet his true partner after three rounds.

Saski’s unplanned presence surprised Rio who was still working on finishing his shoe shop. However, he could not be mesmerized by Saski’s beauty and let the girl choose shoes in his shop.

Not only does he help Saski find the right shoes, Rio is free-spirited and loves a challenge, even encouraging Saski to see the world from a different perspective.

Until finally they get involved in exciting adventures in Bali and meet various heart-opening events.

Moments like this are very familiar in many films and other romantic dramas that tell the story of people who fall in love with each other because of a ‘miracle’.

One of them in the film The Notting Hill (1999) which tells the story of Will Thacker (Hugh Grant) a bookstore owner The Travel Book Co. in the film Notting Hill who falls in love with Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) who suddenly arrives. to his shop.

Needless to say, this sudden love story also appeared in another Netflix film, Sobat Ambyar, which premiered last January.

A Perfect Fit movie doc.  NetflixA Perfect Fit Movie (Photo: doc. Netflix)

The film, which is accompanied by Maestro Didi Kempot’s mainstay songs, also describes a love story that begins with an accidental meeting, then turns into love.

Not only presenting romantic scenes, in the film A Perfect Fit, director Hadrah Daeng Ratu who also directed the films I Know When You Die (2020), Makmum (2019) and Jaga Pocong (2018) is also bolder in presenting kiss scenes. ranging from romantic to ‘hot’.

Want to know? Get ready to smile when you see Saski and Rio finally confess their feelings for each other and kiss passionately under the banana leaf midrib under the pouring rain.

This kissing moment under a light drizzle is very similar to the Korean drama I’ve been watching lately to relieve boredom.

The scene also managed to make me smile while occasionally holding my cheeks which felt warm seeing their intimacy.

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The sweet combination of love and the beauty of Bali


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