Feeling Guidance, Lukman Sardi converted to Christianity after returning home

Suara.com – Actor and director Lukman Sardi describes his journey to change religions. Lukman Sardi used to be a Muslim but converted to Christianity.

He said his family always had a different religion.

“At that time I did not want to think (dating) different religions. My family background is not the same at all. My cousin is Catholic or something. Even my younger sister is more Catholic. Daniel Mananta Network’s YouTube account on Wednesday (28/7/2021).

According to this 50-year-old man, his decision to convert came from his grandfather. At that time his grandfather gave a message about the power of God’s love in the Bible.

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Lukman Sardi [Suara.com/Rena Pangesti]
Lukman Sardi [Suara.com/Rena Pangesti]

“Actually, the one who has a deep influencer is my uncle from Mama Marini. He is a soldier but he is gentle, he is an honest person, never angry and based on love, “explained Lukman Sardi.

“It was grandfather’s 50th wedding anniversary. Grandpa wrote a story book about his love journey. He slipped me his writing about love. It had a big impact on me,” he continued.

Since then, Lukman Sardi started his spiritual journey. That moment also coincided with his courtship with his wife, Pricillia Pullunggono, who at that time had a different religion.

“From there I went on a journey to find out. I was taught to be a good Muslim but not a fanatic. During the trip, many questions arise. But I couldn’t get the right answer,” said Lukman Sardi.

“It’s been a long journey. Until our relationship got serious. So I feel comfortable with her (Pricillia Pullunggono). Until there is a critical enough moment, I pray to God, you will tell me what path I should take first. I surrender,” he added. .

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Unexpectedly, Lukman Sardi even got a free Umrah gift.

“Until the next day I realized this was the answer to my prayer. I participated in the film Nagabonar Jadi 2 and it was a box office. He gave me an umrah bonus. Even though I am on this (spiritual) journey, “explained Lukman Sardi.

The Behind 98 player then continued his Umrah journey. But while undergoing tawaf at the Kaaba. Lukman Sardi was carried away by the emotion of remembering the difficulty of touching the Black Stone.

“I did Umrah as a Muslim. During tawaf, I find it not easy to reach the end. All my emotions were so angry that I didn’t come, I told everyone,” he added.

Lukman Sardi remembers his grandfather’s words to continue to spread love. Here, he feels that he has received God’s guidance.

“Until finally I remembered my grandfather’s writings about love. In the end I kept quiet, I was the one who carried out the concept first. I gave someone a pass, suddenly I didn’t realize, I was at the end,” said Lukman Sardi.

“I kissed and was given extra time and then I burst into tears. That’s the love I’m looking for.”

After returning from Umrah, Lukman Sardi decided to change his religion. It was just that he was still waiting for the right time to announce it.

“That’s why when I go home, even from Umrah, the concept of love is extraordinary. Finally I went home unanimously that this is what I live, “concluded Lukman Sardi.


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