Exciting Moments for the 2021 Indonesia Drama Series Awards attended by Top Artists, here are the winners

Kapanlagi.com – The Indonesian Drama Series Awards took place last night (31/8). This event is the first awarding event for the public to directly appreciate soap operas or soap operas and their idol actors and actresses through voting. The enthusiasm of the public can also be seen from the rating and audience share that was achieved quite high, namely a rating of 7.3 and a share of 32.1%.

When the 2021 Indonesia Drama Series Awards take place, there are many exciting moments that will surely entertain viewers. One of them was when Amanda Manopo who played Andin gave a surprise on her wedding anniversary with Aldebaran which was played in the form of fried tempeh with candles. Robby Purba also joked that fried tempeh would be the most expensive fried tempeh in Indonesia. Andin and Aldebaran also congratulated each other on their wedding anniversary.

The 2021 Indonesian Drama Series Awards are also getting more lively with entertainment from other well-known artists. One of them was Rossa’s stunning appearance when she sang the viral soundtrack entitled ‘The Heart You Hurt’.

1. Association of Love Buying Awards

The characters of Aldebaran and Andin who are known to win as a couple in their favorite drama series certainly give their own impression. Amanda Manopo expressed her gratitude to Arya Saloka as a partner who was able to make this drama series couple a favorite of the audience.

“Mas Al, thank you for giving such a great feeling to the audience, and to me as Andin. I gave this trophy to the crew who served in the Love Society. I also thank his family who are at home and my partner Arya Saloka ,” said Amanda Manopo with a smile.

Being the audience’s favorite soap opera, Ikatan Cinta also won awards from the 2021 Indonesian Drama Series Awards. Unmitigated from 13 nominations, Ikatan Cinta managed to win 12 awards.

2. List of Winners of the 2021 Indonesian Drama Series Awards

The Indonesian Drama Series Awards 2021 also did not forget to give Lifetime Achievement to one of the senior actors, Deddy Mizwar for his work for 47 years for viewers through various soap operas that have been broadcast on television. Deddy Mizwar has played various types of characters. Deddy Mizwar is an actor who contributed to the history of television drama in Indonesia.

“Hopefully this award will continue to spur my enthusiasm, the enthusiasm of my friends to produce the best works for this nation, works that give worship value, thank you again,” said Deddy Mizwar.

For more details, here is the list of winners of the 2021 Indonesian Drama Series Awards.

1. Favorite Drama Series: Bond of Love

2. Male Lead in Favorite Drama Series: Arya Saloka – Bond of Love

3. Female Main Role in Favorite Drama Series: Amanda Manopo – Bond of Love

4. Male Supporting Actor in Favorite Drama Series: Ikbal Fauzi – Ikatan Cinta

5. Female Supporting Actor in Favorite Drama Series: Sari Nila – Bond of Love

6. Antagonist in Favorite Drama Series: Glenca Chysara – Bond of Love

7. Favorite Child Actor in Drama Series: Fara Shakila – Bond of Love

8. Minor Characters in Favorite Drama Series: Chika Waode – Bond of Love

9. Favorite Series Drama Couple: Arya Saloka – Amanda Manopo – Bond of Love

10. Favorite Drama Series Writer: Donna Rosamayna – Bond of Love

11. Favorite Series Drama Director : Doddy Djanas – Love Bond

12. Favorite Drama Series Soundtrack: Ade Govinda Feat Fadly – ​​No Time Limit – Bond of Love

13. Livetime Achievement : Deddy Mizwar

Look forward to the Indonesian Drama Series Awards in the following years with the best works presented to viewers in Indonesia. And watch the rerun of IDSA Peak Night 2021 Saturday, September 4 at 13.15 WIB on RCTI.

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