Evil Doctor Strange Will Appear in No Way Home?

Animated series What if just aired episode 4 yesterday, and it was revealed that Doctor Strange can be so cruel for the sake of the people he loves. He does everything he can to revive his lover, Christine Palmer, even Strange is willing to absorb the dark energy so that she becomes bigger than before. While many fans are aware that there is something odd about Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home, is Doctor Strange the Evil Doctor Strange from the animated series What if Who is looking for a new universe?

What if…? Episode 4 saw fans of the alternate reality Doctor Strange having to lose Palmer in a tragic accident. To escape her grief, she became a magician of the mystical arts and became the Sorcerer Supreme guarding the Eye of Agamotto. With Agamotto, she travels through time to undo Palmer’s destiny, but no matter what she does, her lover’s death is inevitable. Until finally Strange fell into darkness because of a great force that caused his universe to collapse.

On the other hand, a Doctor Strange offers Peter Parker help to solve the problem he is experiencing. However, to help Peter, Strange instead uses a forbidden magic that causes trouble in the multiverse. Many fans feel that Strange is in No Way Home act out of the ordinary. Even though it was forbidden by the person he trusted most, Wong, Strange still forced his will to use forbidden magic, just like the evil Doctor Strange in the world. What if who did everything in his power to fight death. It could be that they are the same character, namely Evil Doctor Strange!

As the only one left, it is possible that after the universe collapses and disappears, Evil Strange searches for a new universe and finds the Sacred Timeline as its anchorage. That was because, in the new universe, Christine Palmer was still living as she always wanted. But in doing so, he has broken the paradox of time because there are two Doctor Strange in the same universe. From here, for the first time Evil Strange commits a crime in the Sacred Timeline by defeating the real Doctor Strange and locking him in, before Spider-Man comes asking for his help.

As happened in What if…? Episode 4, Good Doctor Strange will not be able to defeat Evil Strange who has absorbed a lot of the power of darkness, even turning him into a monster. The same can happen in the Sacred Timeline, where Doctor Strange has disappeared and is locked up in a secret place known only to Evil Strange, namely in Evil Strange’s old collapsing universe. The presence of Evil Strange who is basically Doctor Strange, answers why no one notices this oddity in No Way Home, including Wong and Peter Parker.

The trailer also shows Spider-Man bickering with Strange over an ancient box-shaped artifact. The possibility that Spider-Man faces is Evil Strange. If this theory is correct, it’s very likely that Evil Strange will continue to exacerbate the problems of the multiverse in the Spider-Man: No Way Home, until finally the original Doctor Strange found a way to return to his universe and avenge Evil Doctor Strange’s actions. What do you think, geeks? We’ll just prove the truth later Spider-Man: No Way Home Release on December 17, 2021.

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