Entering the Mall in DKI Must Have a COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

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A number of malls in DKI Jakarta require visitors to show a COVID-19 vaccination certificate as proof that they have been vaccinated before entering malls and shopping centers. One of them, at ITC Roxy Mas, Central Jakarta.

“If there is no vaccine, you can’t enter it at all because it’s a government regulation,” said the security officer, Umyana, to detikcom, Wednesday (4/8/2021).

However, in some other malls, this requirement is still in the socialization stage. For example in Cibubur Junction Mall, East Jakarta. This was informed by the mall via Instagram uploads. It was stated that the mandatory rules for showing a COVID-19 vaccine certificate were effective from August 23, 2021, while socialization would take effect from August 2, 2021.

However, based on detikcom monitoring on Wednesday (8/4/2021) until 11.30, there has been no socialization. Local officials said, until now the socialization has not been applied to visitors.

“No (there is a vaccine certificate requirement to enter the mall). To enter here, you must have a letter that has been vaccinated, right? While we don’t have it yet. While there is no information yet, so we do not dare (to give information) whether there is or not,” said an official who did not want to be named.

Because it is still the PPKM period, actually only supermarkets, pharmacies, and ATMs are operating at Cibubur Junction. Meanwhile, some restaurants that are open only serve take away, without allowing dine-in or dine-in.

Announcement of mandatory vaccine certificates at PIM South JakartaAnnouncement of mandatory vaccine certificates at PIM, South Jakarta Photo: Khadijah Nur Azizah/detikHealth

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Vaccination, Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi emphasized that the regulation is a regional government policy. In this case DKI Jakarta, not the Ministry of Health.

Responding to people who cannot be vaccinated because of a history of comorbidities or domicile problems, Dr. Nadia said that access to vaccination in DKI Jakarta is very wide. Regarding the requirements for proof of vaccination to enter the mall, he said, the public can also take advantage of the COVID-19 vaccination service that is already available at the mall.

“If access to vaccines in DKI can be accessed anywhere, yes. There are also vaccine facilities at the mall that can be used,” explained Dr. Nadia.

The mall is still closed

On another occasion, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government emphasized that along with the emergence of regulations related to vaccine certificates, malls were still closed following the extension of the emergency PPKM.

He emphasized that DKI was following the provisions of the Ministry of Home Affairs Number 27 of 2021 regarding PPKM level 4, level 3, and level 2 COVID-19 in the Java-Bali region.

“If it’s open, I’ll close it. At the Ministry of Home Affairs, there are provisions,” said Acting Head of the DKI Jakarta Industry, Trade, Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) Andri Yansyah, Wednesday (4/8/2021). ).

So the requirement to enter the mall, the COVID-19 vaccine certificate printing service flooded orders.So the requirement to enter the mall, the COVID-19 vaccine certificate printing service flooded orders. Photo: Salwa Aisyah Sheilanabilla

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