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GridHot.ID – The world of social media was shocked by the arrest of doctor Lois Owien by the police.

Quoted by Gridhot.ID from Wartakota, doctor Lois Owien was arrested by the police on Sunday (11/7/2021), after his statement that he did not believe in Covid-19 went viral.

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Doctor Lois Owien is suspected of violating Law 4 of 1984 concerning Infectious Disease Outbreaks.

This was conveyed by the Head of Public Relations of the National Police Public Relations Division, Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan.

He says the law is only one thing that can be used to ensnare Lois.

“One of them (is entangled in Law 4 of 1984 concerning Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases),” Ahmad told reporters, Monday (12/7/2021).

Ahmad said that his party had not been able to explain in detail regarding other articles that were violated by Dr. Lois.

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As of now, Lois is still under investigation.

Ahmad said investigators have 1×24 hours to determine Dr Lois’ fate.

“The Metro Police have not yet made an article, so they are still securing it first, still under investigation. 24 hour arrest. So from 4 pm yesterday until 4 pm this will determine, “he explained.

Doctor Louis Owien, does not believe in Covid-19 and according to him death occurred due to interactions between drugs.

Doctor Louis Owien, did not believe in Covid-19 and according to him death occurred due to interactions between drugs.

Bareskrim Polri will hold a case first to determine the fate of Dr. Lois Owien.

The Head of Public Relations of the National Police Inspector General Argo Yuwono said that his party still could not talk much about the status of Dr. Lois Owien. Including, articles that will be suspected.

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“Delegations need to be held first, not just titles,” Argo told reporters on Monday (12/7/2021).

Argo said Lois was only arrested on Sunday (11/7/2021) afternoon. The case has just been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police today.

The police, said Argo, need time to conduct a case first, then a decision will be made.

Doctor Lois Owien, who did not believe in the corona virus, even dragged Raffi Ahmad’s name on his social media account some time ago.

It is as quoted Gridhot.ID Doctor Lois’ Instagram account, @dr_lois7 in an upload on February 18, 2021, said Raffi Ahmad would have the same fate as the late Ashraf Sinclair.

“Afi Ahmad has been injected with the flu vaccine, right?

Remember BCL’s husband??
Well … can suddenly happen like that.
Because Rafi Ahmad SDH stores ethyl mercury and formaldehyde in his body.

So be diligent in drinking calcium milk and cholesterol-lowering drugs (Statin, Lipitor)
Later… his wife will become a flower widow,” wrote the account dr_lois7.

Previously, quoted from a video on the Chatter Facts Youtube channel, there was an interview with lawyer Hotman Paris with doctor Lois.

Hotman Paris asked if Dr Lois believed in Covid-19 at the event.

Doctor Lois also replied that he did not believe in Covid-19.

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“According to the mother who was buried according to the Covid-19 health protocol, according to the doctor’s mother, did she die from the corona virus or not?” asked Hotman on the show.

Doctor Lois Owien replied that the person who died was not due to the Covid-19 virus.

According to him, those buried according to the Covid-19 health protocol died due to drug interactions.


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