Dispatch Selects 8 Best Lead Dancers Among Male Idols

On June 27th, Dispatch revealed who they believe are the eight best lead dancers among male K-Pop idols on their official Instagram account, @koreadispatch.

Want to see who’s on the list? Keep reading to find out!

1. BTS ‘Jimin

Jimin BTS

(Photo : Instagram: @bts.bighitofficial)

Before becoming a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment, Jimin attended Just Dance Academy where he learned popping and locking dance during his high school days. In addition, she also studied contemporary dance during high school and is one of the top students in the modern dance department. Now as an idol, we can see Jimin showing his amazing talent in contemporary dance on stage!

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2. Kai EXO


(Photo : Instagram: @zkdlin)

Nicknamed the “God of Dance”, EXO’s Kai also took dance lessons before becoming a trainee under SM Entertainment. At a young age, Kai took ballet lessons after seeing “The Nutcracker” when he was in the second grade. Besides ballet, Kai also studied urban and street dance after auditioning for SM Entertainment. Now we know why Kai has such fluid dance moves!

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3. SHINee’s Taemin

SHINEE's Taemin

(Photo : Instagram: @lm_____ltm)

SHINee’s Taemin is known for his sensual and artistic dance performances, easily making him one of the best dancers in K-Pop. Taemin started dancing when he was only 10 years old after seeing the popular “lean forward” dance move by Michael Jackson. Due to his love for dancing, he auditioned for SM Entertainment. After passing the audition, Taemin practiced dancing almost non-stop.

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(Photo : Instagram: @pockyjr)

Believe it or not, JR didn’t really dance well at first during his training years. But with practice, hard work, and dedication, he finally managed to become the main dancer of NU’EST! Now, he is one of the best and most outstanding dancers with strong choreography.

5. NCT’s Taeyong

NCT's Taeyong

(Photo : Instagram: @taeoxo_nct)

Another amazing dancer is NCT’s Taeyong! Taeyong is known for his powerful and precise dance moves, which we often see in a lot of NCT’s choreography. Although he had no dance experience before joining SM Entertainment as a trainee, with several of his coaches expressing their doubts, Taeyong went on to become one of the best dancers.

6. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

Seventeen Hoshi

(Photo : Instagram: @saythename_17)

SEVENTEEN’s Performance team leader, Hoshi, has helped choreograph many of SEVENTEEN’s songs. Before becoming a trainee, he had worked hard on his dancing skills, formed his own dance crew, and even won first place in a dance competition in his hometown.

7. Yunho ATEEZ


(Photo : Instagram: @ateez_official_)

At that time, Yunho had attended dance academies, such as former members of BIGBANG, Seungri’s Dance Academy, and Joy Dance and Plug In Music Academy. Many dance professionals have also praised Yunho for his dancing skills, noting his technique and professionalism when it comes to dancing, such as his sharpness and fluidity.

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8. Yeonjun TXT

TXT Yeonjun

(Photo : Instagram: @TXT_members)

Yeonjun revealed that he used to be really bad at dancing, often getting low marks at the dance academy. But because she didn’t want to harm others and lose, she worked hard to become the amazing dancer she is today by taking extra time to practice and working on the areas she needed to improve. Now, the skills are stronger and smoother!

Who is your favorite dancer?

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