Description of Post Credit Film Snake Eyes!

Film snake eyes which has just been released. The film shows the origins of the character Snake Eyes and his rivalry with Storm Shadow. Throughout the film, the audience is presented with how the dynamics of the relationship between Snake Eyes (Henry Golding) and Tommy aka Storm Shadow (Andrew Koji) are shown. In a post-credits scene, Storm Shadow, who doesn’t want to be called Tommy anymore, is on a plane and meets a flight attendant who turns out to be the Baroness. What exactly is a post-credits scene? And what will happen to Storm Shadow in the future?

Snake Eyes and Tommy first meet when Snake Eyes tries to save Tommy, who turns out to be the successor to an ancient clan called the Arashikage. After successfully rescuing Tommy, Snake is invited by Tommy to Japan to meet the Arashikage Clan which is famous as the guardian of the earth for 600 years with its ninja troops. At Arashikage Headquarters, Snake trains as part of the Arashikage and becomes Tommy’s best friend. However, their friendship must be disrupted when a conflict between GI Joe and Cobra forces them to get involved in the two groups’ long-standing feud.

With this incident, it can be concluded that the film snake eyes divided into two major stories, the first story is the adventures of Snake and Tommy to defeat the power-hungry villain Kenta (Takehiro Hira), and the second is the beginning of Tommy and Snake’s feud that disrupts the friendship between the two Arashikage ninja. Until finally near the end of the film, Tommy who was filled with anger while holding the Arashikage jewel, immediately burned Kenta. The incident made Tommy excommunicated from the Arashikage clan. At the end, there is Tommy’s dialogue saying that he is the ‘Shadow before the Storm’, something that inspired him to become the Shadow of the Storm.

While Storm Shadow eventually disappears until the end of the film, the post-credits scene shows Tommy on a plane. When a flight attendant approached him who turned out to be the Baroness, Storm Shadow immediately pointed his sword at the Baroness’ neck. The Baroness said to Tommy, “I’m not here to kill you, I want to offer you, Tommy.” Storm Shadow immediately accepted the offer given by the Baroness and said “Storm Shadow, call me Storm Shadow.” This post-credits scene shows that Storm Shadow is now part of the Cobra organization! And finally the film is finished.

When the events in this film take place, at least the Cobra organization has existed for about 20 years, the Baroness is one of the important people in it, and now coupled with Storm Shadow which strengthens their organization. Storm Shadow’s story at the end of the film sets him apart from Snake Eyes’ official foe, he’s also now part of the evil organization Cobra. While Snake Eyes is finally able to get on with life because Kenta is dead, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow’s rivalry will likely heat up in the following films!

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