Demi Lovato’s ‘conscious lifestyle’ called ‘highly offensive’ by angry star

The way Demi Lovato has handled their “conscious lifestyle” has been criticized by Lala Kent.

The model lashed out at Demi for still drinking and consuming marijuana, saying if you do this you can’t classify yourself as a sober person.

And the 30-year-old – who decided not to get drunk in 2018 – called the singer’s sobriety a “drunk California” lifestyle.

While sobriety often means you should abstain from all drugs and alcohol, Lovato’s adopted practice allows for the use of certain substances in moderation.

Lala told David Yontef about Behind the Velvet Rope podcast: “I don’t like to be judgmental, but I found it very offensive.

“You know, there are people out there who work hard to never step outside of reality and never put themselves in a changed state.

LaLa Kent calls Demi Lovato’s ‘conscious lifestyle’



“You know, they don’t even, when they have a cold, take DayQuil or NyQuil. So to say that you’re, like, a ‘California sober’ or this drunk type is very offensive, I guess.”

Lala continued: “For me, I’ve been in rooms with men and women who have given up everything just to not pick up the phone. [substances]. Being very aware to me means you don’t take yourself out of reality.”

And the Vanderpump Rules star says that being a conscious Californian isn’t as real as “you’re not aware”.

“If you drink or smoke marijuana, you’re not aware,” he added.

Demi’s struggles with addiction have been highly publicized. The 28-year-old survived a near-death overdose in July 2018 and revealed nearly three years later that they would continue to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana in moderation.

The Dancing with the Devil singer, who recently came out as a non-binary, told his YouTube docs in March: “I’ve learned that closing the door on things makes me want to open the door even more.

“I’ve learned that it doesn’t work for me to say ‘I’ll never do this again.’”

Demi Lovato has been criticized by model Lala Kent


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But they say they are “done with things that are going to kill me” and try to be proactive in their lifestyle choices.

Speaking to CBS later that month, Demi admitted that drunken Californians are currently the term they “most identify with”.

“I really don’t feel comfortable explaining my recovery parameters to people,” they said.

“Because I don’t want anyone to look at my safety parameters and think that’s what worked for them, because maybe not,” they said.

“I’m careful to say that, just as I feel that the method of complete abstinence is not a one-size-fits-all solution, I don’t think that this journey of moderation is a one-size-fits-all. a solution for everyone.”

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