Daredevil Hints Appear in No Way Home!

Peter Parker’s life is no longer the same after what happened in the movies Spider-Man: Away From Home. Featured in the film, Spidey fights Mysterio. He uses Stark’s drone to create various illusions. In his final fight, Mysterio must be killed by one of the drones he controls. And at the end of the film, the Daily Bugle explains that it was Spider-Man who killed Mysterio.

Not only presenting fake news, the Daily Bugle also revealed the real identity of Spider-Man, namely Peter Parker. In the movie premiere trailer No Way Home, showing how Peter Parker’s life changed completely. He could no longer live a quiet life like an ordinary high school student. What also hurts is that everyone close to him is affected.

Peter is trying to find a way to do this, and then he gets the idea of ​​meeting Doctor Strange and asking that everything be changed. Strange himself seems to have granted Peter’s wish by taking him to another universe. However, the question is, are these things really necessary?

The fans themselves had time to discuss how to save Peter Parker. And one of the theories that has developed among fans is to take legal action. In this case, Peter could have enlisted the help of Matt Murdock, who is the man behind the Daredevil mask. In the comics, Spidey and Daredevil have a good relationship. They often work together in defeating the enemy.

In the No Way Home, maybe Peter will ask Matt to help clear and restore his good name through legal means. The reason is, the Daily Bugle has no other evidence to suggest that Spider-Man is actually Peter Parker. They relied solely on the recordings made by Mysterio. Of course it is debatable, and in legal cases it can be considered defamation. Therefore, taking legal action is considered more reasonable for Peter. On the other hand, this could also be the MCU’s way of introducing Matt Murdock.

Charlie Cox from Daredevil screwed up his Han Solo audition by acting too much like Matt Murdock |  GameRadar+

There are various ways Marvel Studios presents the figure of Matt Murdock in the film. First, present it physically. The figure of Matt Murdock is known as one of the reliable lawyers in the city of New York. With her physical appearance in the movie No Way Home, then this is “legitimate proof” that Matt has been in the MCU universe all along.

The problem is, so far there has been no news about Matt Murdock’s casting plans. Charlie Cox is the actor who played Matt in the series Daredevil and so far no news about Cox joining the film No Way Home. However, it is not impossible that he appeared and became a big surprise for the film. Marvel Studios itself has often done this.

The second way is to present a reference from Matt Murdock. An example is the law firm where Matt works. Peter will probably go there and seek legal assistance from the firm. By presenting the law firm where Matt Murdock works, it can also be proof that Matt does exist in the MCU universe.

Daredevil is one of the most wanted characters to appear in the MCU. Through movies No Way Home, maybe we will be introduced to a completely new character of Matt (although played by the same person), and different from Matt Murdock in the series. Daredevil Netflix. Movie trailers No Way Home even believed by fans to have given a hint about it. There are a few things that lead to this. First, when Peter was reading files in a room, it was believed that the room was the room of Matt Murdock’s law firm.

Second, the figure of the man in white who is believed by some fans to be the figure of Matt Murdock. Again, if this were true, it would be something quite extraordinary. We’ll just wait Geeks Is Matt Murdock really going to appear in the film and help Peter Parker solve this thorny problem?

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