Criticized and Called Haters Makes Me Famous, Warkop Loss of Respect – Warkop groups similar to Warkop DKI personnel are being discussed. Not only because their faces are very similar to Dono, Kasino, and Indro, but also because they are considered rude, because they straddle the management, the Jakarta Warkop Institute, because they haven’t asked permission.

Even when Indro Warkop, the only Warkop DKI personnel who left, together with the management reprimanded and asked Warkop to stop creating content, they did not budge. Even the request of Warkopi personnel to meet Indro was considered impolite.

Indro Warkop [Revi C Rantung/]
Indro Warkop [Revi C Rantung/]

Warkopi also received a lot of blasphemy from residents. However, the many blasphemy and criticism were taken lightly by Warkopi personnel: Alfin (similar to Indro), Alfred (similar to Kasino) and Epriadi (similar to Dono). Even Alfin said, “haters made me famous.”

Alfin’s statement also sparked the anger of netizens, especially the fans of Warkop DKI. Warganet considers Warkopi’s people to have been lulled by popularity and made them arrogant.

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Alfin’s statement was also revealed by a number of Instagram and Twitter gossip accounts. Warganet was also busy commenting on Alfin’s statement.

Warkop DKI. [Instagram/indrowarkop_asli]
Warkop DKI. [Instagram/indrowarkop_asli]

“It’s useless to be famous if there is no ethics,” said the account @Chokieee_.

“The problem is taking people’s copyrights. Please, there are enough pedophiles on TV and being criticized, don’t let copyright thieves show up too.” said the account @DiputDp.

“Wow, that’s really wrong, even though he should have come to Indro to discuss this matter, who knows he could change his name and even enter Indro’s management so that he can be trained as an actor. Why even sakerepe dewe. It won’t last long, you’ll see.” add account @jihan_hanifahh.

Not only that, Alfin received blasphemy for his statement which was considered impolite. Previously, he was also angry because on the Kriss Hatta podcast, he asked to immediately meet Indro Warkop.

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According to some netizens, the sentences used were impolite. They should have come to Indro Warkop and asked for permission to use the Jakarta Warkop appendage.

Warkopi personnel, namely Alfin Dwi Krisnandi (Indro), Sepriadi Chaniago (Dono), and Dimas Kusnandi (Casino), when met in the Ciledug area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (22/9/2021). [ Winanto]
Warkopi personnel, namely Alfin Dwi Krisnandi (Indro), Sepriadi Chaniago (Dono), and Dimas Kusnandi (Casino), when met in the Ciledug area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (22/9/2021). [ Winanto]

“Why do you want to meet in person? Should have taken the initiative from the start and now apologize. Not asking coyyyy!!!! I didn’t like seeing the three of them in the first place.” @alyoudee comment.

“The language is ‘meeting’, it’s very waw, we have to meet soon,” said the account @mega.6464.

“The language is also wrong ‘Meet’. So you’re a artist,” account comment @iwanhoerulamirin24

“You came to Uncle Indro’s house. Your manager contacted Uncle Indro to make an appointment. Bibimane shhh. The young must be polite to the old.” said the account @galangfadillah4.


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