Convinced that Maia Estianty will have the same fate as her child, Kalina Ocktaranny: I have the same orientation as you!

image.ID – Failed to establish a domestic relationship before finally anchoring to her current partner, Kalina Ocktaranny feels the same fate as Maia Estianty.

This similarity is about their children. Where neither Kalina nor Maia can live with their child after the divorce.

It is known, Maia Estianty was married to musician Ahmad Dhani.

After the divorce, their children, Al, El, and Dul live with Ahmad Dhani.

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Meanwhile, Kalina has a child named Azka Corbuzier, the result of her marriage to Deddy Corbuzier in the past.

Kalina doesn’t live with Azka either.

Via YouTube channel MAIA ALELDUL TV, Sunday (18/7/2021), reported by Grid.ID, Kalina Ocktaranny admits that moments with children are a happy thing for her.

Kalina Ocktaranny doesn’t even want to be disturbed while spending time with Azka.

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Kalina Ocktaranny and Maia Estianty

MAIA ALELDUL TV Youtube screenshot

Kalina Ocktaranny and Maia Estianty

“We’ve stayed once or twice, we’ve vacationed once or twice,” he said.

And for me, when I get to sleep with my son in the same bed, it’s an amazing moment and it’s true. quality time Me and I don’t want anyone to bother me,” he added.

Even so, Kalina Ocktaranny could not deny the instincts of a mother in her.

Vicky Prasetyo’s wife admitted that she also had a desire to be able to live under the same roof with her baby.

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“Do you really want your child to live with you?” asked Maia Estianty.

“Sure, when you divorced from your first ex-girlfriend, you also wanted to,” replied Kalina Ocktaranny.

Furthermore, the wife of Vicky Prasetyo admitted that she considered Irwan Mussry’s wife as a role model.

He hopes to have the same fate as Maia, in terms of children.

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“And to be honest, I’m more or less as oriented as you are,” Kalina said.

He even believes that many divorced women have seen the story of Maia Estianty and her children after the divorce.

“It may also be a woman who is separated from her child who does not live with her child and it happens that your child is a boy and mine is also a boy,” he said.

Kalina Ocktaranny believes that one day her child will return to her.

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“And I’m sure one day she will be like Maia Estianty, she will come back again, she wants to stay with us, wants to visit us once or twice a week, I believe. one day, she says.

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