Comments from Santri Covering Ears When Listening to Music, Ustaz Derry Sulaiman Reaps Pros and Cons – Ustaz Derry Sulaiman also gave his response regarding the video of students memorizing the Qur’an covering their ears while listening to music at the vaccination site.

In an upload on his personal Instagram, he uploaded a photo of Soekarno covering his ears. While behind him were two men playing guitar.

Uploaded by Ustaz Derry Sulaiman [Instagram/@derrysulaiman]
Uploaded by Ustaz Derry Sulaiman [Instagram/@derrysulaiman]

“Fortunately Bung Karno was deaf to Caucasians. Not the anthem Indonesia Raya, if he tries to close his ears to the anthem Indonesia Raya, I’m sure he will not be sworn in as president of the Republic of Indonesia. ,” wrote Derry Sulaiman as a photo caption, Wednesday (15/9). /2021).

In addition, he gave input to the vaccine event committee to play the anthem Indonesia Raya so that no one would turn a blind eye.

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Students cover their ears [instagram]
Students cover their ears [instagram]

“The input for the vaccine committee is that next time you have to play music, play the song Indonesia Raya or Maju Gentar. God willing, no one dares to cover their ears,” he continued.

It didn’t stop there, Ustaz Derry Sulaiman also suggested to the ustadz who brought students to the vaccine place to ask for help replacing music with murottal Al-Quran.

“The input for the ustadz who wants to keep the hearing (memorization) of his students, next time if you know there is music, ask the good committee to replace it with murotal al-Qur’an or nasyid without music, don’t bring students into the room and tell them to close ear and close it. Videoin proudly says that the students are afraid of losing their memorization,” he said.

Teacher Derry Sulaiman [Rena Pangesti/]
Teacher Derry Sulaiman [Rena Pangesti/]

“I apologize that your actions have intimidated the noble Qur’an memorizers and made those who do not understand even more sinful,” he continued.

In closing, he did not forget to mention the actions of the music players who were behind Soekarno.

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“Those who play music are still smiling, even though the President is covering his ears. There is no compulsion in listening. Peace and love,” said Ustaz Derry Sulaiman.

Derry’s action also reaped the pros and cons. Some netizens also claimed not to like what was conveyed by him.

“This time I’m sorry I don’t agree with the comments or descriptions. I also still listen to music but I appreciate those who memorize the Koran who don’t want to listen to music. Fortunately, they were not arrogant to ask. for the music to be turned off or changed. Difficult. I am grateful that students, according to the government, participate in the vaccine,” wrote the @indra.malik account.

“Assamualaikum, Ustadz Derry, what happened was tabayyun,” replied @dailamitoha.

However, there are also those who support the men who are members of the Betrayer band.

“Good advice,” said Mustafa Dust.

“That’s right,” continued Tika Ramlan’s account.


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