Coming to Netflix Soon, A World Without Movies Promises Lots of Tension – Serve flow American (US) film Netflix has officially announced the release of its newest film, namely World Without on October 14, 2021.

In this project, Netflix collaborates with Indonesian director Nia Dinata who also directs Lottery club! and share husband, as well as scriptwriter Lucky Kuswandi who was involved in the film Ali and Queen Queen, also Good Morning, Afternoon.

This mystery-themed film tells about the tense experiences experienced by three teenage girls who try to explore alternative lives from the lives they are currently living.

The three main teenage characters will be played by Amanda Rawles who plays Salina, a gentle and ambitious girl who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. Amanda previously also starred in Dear Nathan.

Then, there is also Maizura as Ulfah who aspires to be a good wife and mother. The films that Maizura has starred in are Glove Battle.

Lastly, there is Asmara Abigail as Tara who is rebellious and stubborn. Abigail’s acting skills can be seen through the film Evil Land Woman.

Amanda Rawles, Maizura, and Asmara Abigail on the set of the film A World WithoutDock. Netflix Amanda Rawles, Maizura, and Asmara Abigail on the set of the film A World Without

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In addition to these three characters, the film World Without also supported by several top Indonesian artists, such as Chicco Jerikho who also starred in Coffee Philosophy, and Copy of My Mind, as well as Ayushita–film actor Kartini and What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love– who plays a couple named Ali Khan and Sofia Khan and the leader of an organization called The Light.

Their characters are both described as warm and charismatic, but enigmatic.

Besides that, there are also other stars, such as Jerome Kurnia who also plays in the film Human Earth, Richard Kyle, actor also involved in This is the story of three virgins, and Dira Sugandi who is famous for his acting Good Morning, Afternoon.


The latest film, directed by Nia Dinata, will take the setting in 2030 and take the theme of dystopia.

This film tells about the condition of the world at that time which was described as having been contaminated by a pandemic and no one cared about the future.

In those days, there was no really good life. This can be seen from the worsening environmental conditions, the number of extinct animals, and the declining rate of human reproduction.

In the midst of these bad conditions, there is an organization The Light which aims to guide teenagers to reach their best potential according to their talents and interests.

The youth will also be helped to prepare for an ideal and sustainable future.

For teenagers who do not yet have a strong identity, The Light’s presence is like a lamp in a lamp because it is considered capable of helping to achieve all their goals.

Chicco Jerikho as Ali Khan who is the founder of The LightDock. Netflix Chicco Jerikho as Ali Khan who is the founder of The Light

As for helping teens achieve their goals and potential, The Light has a unique method.

They will pair each teenager according to their respective characters and abilities to get married. However, they must also be ready to start from scratch in running a new chapter.

Evidently, everyone who enters the organization has a bright future and is able to repair a world that is on the verge of collapse.

However, behind the beautiful premise that The Light offers through Sofia and Ali Khan, they have a dark side that many people don’t know about. This problem is turning point for their organization.

The three main female characters, namely Salina, Ulfah, and Tara, are part of The Light.

They are interested in trying to live a beautiful life and according to their respective dreams as promised by The Light. However, they also have to bear the great consequences of that life.

From there, the three of them have to face many unusual things and must struggle to overcome the situation.

Nia said, in addition to presenting suspense and mystery, the three of them will also present stories about three friends who learn about the importance of finding each other’s beliefs and strengths.

“We have a strong women’s perspective. This can be seen from the involvement of many female crews in this film, ranging from cinematographers, producers, costume stylists, to choreographers. We feel that the strong message of women’s empowerment does not stop in front of the camera, but also behind it,” Nia said in an official statement received., Friday (17/9/2021).

Nia Dinata during the production of A World WithoutDock. Netflix Nia Dinata during the production of A World Without

Nia hopes, through collaboration with Netflix, the message in the film World Without can reach many people around the world.

For your information, Netflix has launched mocker World Without. mocker It shows Amanda Rawles, Maizura, and Asmara Abigail walking cheerfully towards Chicco Jerikho and Ayushita who are hiding a dangerous secret behind their beautiful smiles.

What will happen to Salina, Ulfah, and Tara? Can they find the ideal future The Light organization promises?

Then what is hidden by the organization and what will happen to the three teenagers after discovering a dark secret in The Light?

To get the answer, watch World Without which will premiere in 190 countries on Thursday (14/10/2021) and is only available on the platform online streaming Netflix.


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