Close the door to the Saipul Jamil meeting, this television show will not be on stage Bang Ipul: We will not invite

image.ID – The release of Saipul Jamil, also known as Bang Ipul on September 2, 2021, is still controversial.

Because, on the day Saipul Jamil was released from prison, the dancer was paraded like a hero.

Paraded in luxury cars, flower necklaces also appear to adorn Saipul Jamil’s neck.

The procession welcoming Saipul Jamil free from prison also drew criticism from the public.

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Considering that Saipul Jamil himself was sentenced to 5 years in prison for cases of sexual abuse of minors.

Contradictions continue in society because work as a gamu star in several television shows has been waiting for Saipul Jamil since his freedom.

In fact, Saipul Jamil’s first appearance on the Viral Coffee Trans TV program became the number one trending on YouTube.

Launching from Tribun Style, recently a behind-the-scenes photo circulated filming an event, where Saipul was seen doing a sitcom with several other performers, one of whom was Wendi Cagur.

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The photo was also highlighted by Twitter users.

The TV station has lost its sanity, lacks the empathy and sympathy that victims of abuse suffer for a lifetime.

Making perpetrators look like they never did, hypocrites like people who are criticized in their news and talk shows,” said a netizen while sharing a photo of Saipul Jamil.

photo in Saipul Jamil

Screenshot of Twitter/@ekisuyanto

photo in Saipul Jamil

Seeing the photo, many netizens suspected that Saipul Jamil was filming Lapor Pak! incident.

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Event Report Sir! itself stars a series of well-known celebrities such as Ayu Ting Ting, Wendy Cagur, Andre Taulany, Andhika Pratama to Kiky Saputri.

As one of the performers in Report Pak! Kiky Saputri also straightened out netizens’ accusations regarding Bang Ipul’s photo.

Kiky Saputri said the photo was taken while filming a joking but relaxed event aka BTS.

According to him, the filming featuring Saipul Jamil was also cancelled.

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That’s not Report Sir, that’s BTS.

It didn’t even show up. Due to objections from some talent parties.

The photos circulating are of the manager in question when tapping,” explained Kiky through her Twitter account quoted by Tribun Style, Monday, September 6, 2021.

Kiky Saputri tweets

Screenshot of Twitter/@kikysaputrii

Kiky Saputri tweets

Kiky Saputri firmly guarantees Report Sir! will not give the stage to Saipul Jamil.

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Our producer (LAPOR PAK) will not invite. thank you,” he says.

This is based on consideration of the talent and crew involved in Lapor Pak! incident.

The crew and all the talents of Lapor Pak have acted uninvitingly.

So no more ‘if if, if’.

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Because we really won’t invite,” continued Kiky Saputri in the next tweet.

Kiky Saputri tweets

Screenshot of Twitter/@kikysaputrii

Kiky Saputri tweets

Hearing Kiky Saputri’s explanation, netizens seemed a little relieved.

“Alhamdulillah, if Lapor Pak does not give the stage to that person,” said one netizen.

“Okay! The reporter is very reliable!! Thank you for the reporter team, sir, I love you even more,” continued the other netters.

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“Well, good,” said another netizen.

Meanwhile, Saipul Jamil’s boycott petition from television and YouTube continues.

Launching from the page, the petition has received more than 380 thousand signatures as of Monday (6/9/2021) afternoon.

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