Chris Paul shuts down former team at Clippers, takes Suns to NBA Finals

Even if Monty Williams wanted to cry, he couldn’t.

The Phoenix Suns coach had no tears left after the heartfelt words of assistant Randy Ayers before Wednesday’s 130-103 win at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles to reach the NBA Finals left him deeply emotional.

“Around 2:30, we were in the locker room and just Randy and me and I was like, ‘Man Randy, we’re so close,’” Williams said. “And then Randy started telling me how he felt about me because he had been with me since Day 1 in New Orleans. And I broke down before the game.”

So even seeing Chris Paul cry in the final minutes of Game 6 didn’t move Williams to do the same.

“Jae (Crowder) laughed, he was like, ‘Chris is going to start crying,'” Williams later said. “I said, ‘Yeah, I had mine before.’ He looked at me and I said ‘Dude, I’m on strike, 2:30, 3 o’clock’. I left because Randy had just spoken to me from the heart about some of the things we had been through.”

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