Chef Juna Doesn’t Force His Wife to Have Children, The Reason Makes Netizens Baper Bun


Who would have thought that Chef Juna, who is famous for being fierce, also has a romantic side, you know, Mother. This was revealed after the 46-year-old chef expressed his opinion about marriage.

Her opinion about the presence of children in a marriage managed to attract the attention of the public, Mother. Not only that, his statement also reaped positive reactions, especially for women because they were bored.

How not, the man whose full name is Junior John Rorimpandey had unexpected thoughts about having a baby, Mother. He conveyed this to Deddy Corbuzier on his YouTube channel.

In the chat, Chef Juna said that he would never force his wife to get pregnant. Pregnancy will only happen if he and his wife both agree to have children.

“Do I want a child?”

“If my wife wants children, we have children. If my wife doesn’t want children, then we don’t have children,” said Chef Juna in confident English, quoted from Deddy Corbuzier Channel on Tuesday (27/7/2021).

Receiving such a statement, Deddy Courbuzier looked surprised, Ma’am. He even asked again about Chef Juna’s belief in this matter.

Are you sure (You are sure)? Is this really thinking?” asked Deddy again.

“This is what I thought,” he replied again

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Chef Juna is aware of this principle. In Indonesia, this may not be acceptable to everyone. Even so, he admits he doesn’t care about what people think or say about him, Mother.

“I don’t care (other people’s opinions),” he said.

Not without reason, Chef Juna admitted that it must be based on the will of the partner, Mother. Because during pregnancy, it is the wife who feels the most how hard it is to go through these times.

“Are you the one who is going to be 9 months pregnant? No, right? Do you have the heart to pressure your partner to suffer like that if he doesn’t want it (to have children),” said Chef Juna.

“That’s a question a lot of men can’t answer,” he continued.

Previously, Chef Juna was married to a Caucasian citizen of the United States (US), Ibu. Their marriage lasted two years and ended in divorce in 2009.

Even though they are divorced, their relationship is still good. “My ex-wife is American. But we’re still good friends, said Chef Juna.

Chef Juna revealed that their marriage was forced to end because they rarely met and communicated. Chef Juna’s ex-wife is a career woman who works in the world’s largest cancer hospital, so she’s very busy.

“We rarely see each other. He has to be in the hospital at 5 (morning), come home at 6 (evening), then sleep at 8 (night). I come home at 1 (morning), get up and work. 8 am, I didn’t see you,” said Chef Juna.

From this marriage, Chef Juna and his ex have not been blessed with children. It was because they both agreed that they would have a child after 2 years of marriage.

“At that time we were just planning (to have children). So, Caucasians are different from Indonesians. If Indonesians are married, they must immediately have children. Don’t want to have kids just yet. We want honeymoon,” she says.

Unfortunately, before having children, the two agreed to end the marriage. “It’s true what happened. I didn’t know it was only two years old, let alone (divorce),” he continued.

A year after the divorce, Chef Juna chose to leave the United States. He decided to move and live in his homeland, Indonesia in 2010.

“So divorce 2009 and I moved to Indonesia in 2010,” said Chef Juna.

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