Charles Barkley Citing Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant Examples and Rebutting Paul George for Complaining About Criticism

A trophy or a championship ring, as Taylor Swift claims in her song willow tree, just mythical stuff. However, for NBA/WNBA players, their careers are incomplete without winning the grand prize, no matter what the cost. Likewise, if Paul George of the Clippers ends up trophyless, it could be disastrous for his career, at least from the point of view of his critics.


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The semifinal loss of Orlando Bubble WC to the Nuggets was enough to damage PG’s reputation. Now, the Clippers are nearing elimination against the Suns and that narrative may be coming to life. So does Playoff P really deserve all the criticism or is it going too far?

Charles Barkley files a case against complaining Paul George


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Recently, Charles Barkley challenged Paul George of the Clippers for not liking the scrutiny on his behalf. The NBA Hall of Famer explains how it’s part of the process of gaining critique and using it as fuel to drag one’s engine to title victory.

58-YO angrily emphasized, “Every great player is criticized. I got criticized because I didn’t win the championship. Michael Jordan before he won the championship, yeah, he couldn’t win. Shaq, Kobe, everyone is criticized. This false narrative, I hear jacka-es on television talking about someone being researched more than anyone else, give me a weird break. Every great player who has played, until they won the championship, is criticized.”

Notably, Charles Barkley played in 13 NBA Playoffs but enjoyed a trip to the finals only once in 1993. Even that year, Michael Jordan took his chances to win the title as the Bulls crushed the Suns in six games.

28 June 2021; Paul George’s reaction against the Suns at the Phoenix Suns Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


Why Paul George is Known as ‘Playoff P’

2 days ago

What made the legend so mad at the Clippers star?

Most recently, Paul George missed two important FTs in Game 4 which put the Suns in a 3-1 lead over the Clippers. After that, the internet attacked PG and marked it as a “choker” under pressure. However, the star striker responded almost instantly with a high Game 5 performance in the playoffs.

After the match, DeMarcus Cousins, a fellow player criticized the fans and referred to him as “control the bull-t”. Perhaps Chuck noted this when he added, “I was signed before Michael Jordan, he won the championship in his eighth year. I remember when he was growing up he put 63 on the Celtics, he was a great individual player but he hasn’t won a championship. They always say that about me, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, I can do it… But the idea that Paul George is a great player, these people talking about him being treated unfairly, gives me a great break.”


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On the one hand, wise Chuck is right because that’s how the trolls criticized LeBron James too, until 2012. So if PG wants to shut down his haters for good, he’s got to win the grand prize and seize his greatness.

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