Challenging a DNA test, Rezky Aditya is said to have lost when Wenny Ariani shows off a photo of his son’s figure, this is the face of a figure called Citra Kirana’s husband’s son!

Figure.ID – The public was shocked by the appearance of the figure of Wenny Ariani who claimed to have a child with the artist Rezky Aditya recently.

Although initially hiding his identity, Wenny Ariani is now starting to aggressively show himself in public.

However, it turned out that his appearance did not make Rezky Aditya and his wife, Citra Kirana open their voices.

Even when Wenny expressed his challenge by suing the artist, even asking for a DNA test.

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The advertising entrepreneur is not playing games to fight for his son to be recognized by Citra Kirana’s husband.

Recently, Wenny Ariani even showed a photo of the figure of her child who was said to be Rezky Aditya’s flesh and blood.

This was stated by Wenny Ariani in a video that was shown on the YouTube channel Deo Juvante TV, Thursday (8/7/2021).

The photo of the girl who was called Keke was also juxtaposed with Rezky.

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From the shape of Wenny’s daughter’s face, the presenter also said that she was able to prove her relationship with Rezky.

Wenny Ariani's conversation with Host Deo Juvante TV about her confession after Rezky Adhitya was accused of being pregnant with another woman.

Deo Juvante TV Youtube channel screenshot

Wenny Ariani’s conversation with Host Deo Juvante TV about her confession after Rezky Adhitya was accused of being pregnant with another woman.

So, according to him, there is no need for a DNA test to prove the truth of Wenny’s accusations.

“Yes, this is patchwork, please, why don’t you need a DNA test,” said the presenter.

“I’m really sorry, but this is from her face, her eyebrows, her eyes, her lips, her nose, you just gave birth, sis.”

Not only once, the presenter again shared the similarities between the boy and the actor.

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“It’s the same, father and son, you don’t need a DNA test anymore,” said the presenter.

“Yes, that’s why,” said Wenny.

“And if for example there is a question, ‘Has Rezky ever confessed from his mouth that it was his son?’, no, not yet.”

“But when my child was born yellow, it was bilirubin, right, he came to the house, asked my mother.”

β€œHe was worried, ‘Is it all right my son?’”

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“Then, he had time to say to my big son, ‘Take care of his brother who loves his brother’,” he said.

According to Wenny, Rezky’s treatment was enough to show that the actor recognized the child as his daughter at that time.

Wenny Ariani shows a photo of her son.

YouTube Deo Juvante (screenshot)

Wenny Ariani shows a photo of her son.

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Wenny Ariani also revealed the beginning of his relationship with Rezky Aditya.

This was revealed when Wenny Ariani was invited to the YouTube channel of fortune teller Denny Darko.

Even on that occasion Wenny Ariani revealed the beginning of the meeting to the introduction of himself with Rezky Aditya.


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