Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kim Hye Joon Talk About Filming a Large-Scale Disaster Movie

On July 5, the upcoming film “Sinkhole” held an online press conference with director Kim Ji Hoon and actors Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kim Hye Joon.

“Sinkhole” is a disaster comedy film starring Kim Sung Kyun as Park Dong Won, a man who has been saving for 11 years to buy his own house only to have it plunged into a sinkhole in less than a minute. Although set in a gruesome sinkhole that has opened up in the heart of the city, this film is about the story of the hope for survival of ordinary people.

Director Kim Jo Hoon said, “I planned ‘Sinkhole’ after thinking about the question, ‘What if the floor suddenly collapses where you live?’ and ‘What kind of things might happen deep underground in a sinkhole?’ When I filmed towers, I focused more on computer graphics and the scale of the disaster. This time, the film is lighter and more fun. It is a disaster film that is more approachable for audiences.”

He continued, “There is no single actor greater than the teamwork of great players. Emotions and acting stem from interactions between people, and the cast of ‘Sinkhole’ are good at developing their interactions and emotional exchanges.”

Cha Seung Won stars in the film as Jung Man Soo, Park Dong Won’s neighbor and a single father who works three jobs to make ends meet. He also has a special talent for inserting himself where he is not invited. Cha Seung Won said, “There are a lot of computer graphics in disaster films, but considering the director’s last project, ‘Tower,’ there was no reason for me not to join the project. I think there will be a lot of cinematic fun for viewers in seeing how the characters struggle to survive in such a tragic situation.”

About his character, he said, “He works in gym, photography center, and also for chauffeur service. Much like how he worked three jobs, he wasn’t an easy character to pin down. He is a hardworking breadwinner, but he is also a chatty person. He had strong survival skills and would do anything if it was for his precious son. He added that the character was very much like himself.

Kim Sung Kyun said, “I can empathize with the desperation when the house you’ve been waiting for for 11 years disappears in an instant and everything you cherish in the house shatters to pieces. I was drawn to the irony of a man struggling to escape from a house he had worked so hard for for a long time.”

Lee Kwang Soo appears in the drama as Deputy Kim, one of Park Dong Won’s coworkers at work, who is at a housewarming party when disaster strikes. His character adds a comedic element as he alternates between despair and a sense of injustice in the world. “I read the synopsis and asked the director if I could appear in the film,” he said. “The concept of a sinkhole and the people struggling to survive in it feels fresh to me.”

Director Kim Ji Hoon added, “Lee Kwang Soo was a blessing. He never held back and instead immersed himself deeply in the character.”

For “Sinkhole,” the production staff built a real physical set that included more than 20 buildings. In the film, Kim Hye Joon plays an intern named Eun Joo, who is also one of Park Dong Won’s colleagues. He said, “I didn’t know I was on set at first. When I found out that the entire city block we were in was a set, I was completely shocked. The director explained, “No matter how good CGI is, I think physical space is the basic foundation for actors.”

“Sinkhole” premieres on August 11. Check out the trailer here!

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