Cannabis Lifestyle Brand Civilized Announces Partnership with Tumblr

SAINT JOHN, New Brunswick–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Civilized worldwide cannabis lifestyle brand inc. (“Civilized”) has announced a strategic partnership with social network and microblogging platform Tumblr, to launch the network’s first cannabis industry blog. Starting in July, Civilized will be Curator of Cannabis Content build a premium content style and community of contributors, as well as partners, to create a culturally accurate, informative, and entertaining cannabis experience for the Tumblr community.

“Just a few weeks ago we announced our relaunch with a focus on amplifying the voices of the cannabis, hemp and CBD community. Now, our strategic partnership with Tumblr is an exciting extension of that promise.” said Terri MacDonald Riedle, CEO and Co-Founder of Civilized. “The Tumblr audience is a critical community for our industry, and we are excited to directly introduce their millions of membership to the wider cannabis culture.”

Based on the core principles of anonymity, identity, expression, and community, Tumblr provides a unique space on the internet for storytelling, activism, and creative creators to thrive. The platform’s first approach to content has resulted in a unique and vibrant community.

“We are thrilled to have Civilized bring their content, editorial oversight, and industry relations to the Tumblr community.” said Terry City, Vice President, Tumblr Brand Partnerships. “Tumblr has empowered many niche communities with category-specific blogs from fashion to activism and we look forward to building a home for the cannabis community with Civilized.”

Over the next month, the teams at Tumblr and Civilized will expand the experience to meet community demand for cannabis, hemp, and CBD topics. To date, network viewers account for 21 percent of CBD sales in the US according to the 2020 social network analysis from GWI Global1.

“At Civilized, we are focused on bridging the gap between audience and industry, we see this partnership with Tumblr as an important omni channel expansion for the cannabis, hemp and CBD community at large,” said President Tricia Vanderslice and CCO at Civilized. “The team at Tumblr have embraced the importance of providing an inclusive and authentic cannabis community experience in a forward-thinking way and a sign of progress that has not been seen on other social platforms.”

About civilized

Founded in 2015, Civilized is the first premium lifestyle brand to embrace and highlight the modern cannabis, CBD and hemp culture, reflecting the millions of productive and motivated adults who choose to enjoy cannabis, CBD and hemp as part of a healthy lifestyle. healthy and balanced. Reaching millions of curious adults about marijuana across North America and Europe every month, Civilized produces engaging content for and about people who enjoy marijuana responsibly.

For more information, visit: and follow civilized on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Indonesia, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

About Tumblr

Tumblr lives at the heart of internet culture. Part publishing platform, part social network, Tumblr is a vibrant global community that appreciates the humor, expression, and exchange that once made the internet so great. As a fast-growing base for Gen Z creators, curators, and fans seeking authenticity, creativity, and connection, Tumblr has continued to celebrate anonymity and deep community, incubating and fueling trends since 2007.

Tumblr is a subsidiary of Auto, the founder of WordPress, WooCommerce and many other internet-enabled tools. Follow Tumblr on Instagram, Indonesia and Youtube, or of course on Tumblr.

1 Source: GWI Global Q3 2020 Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Reddit

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