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JAKARTA, – Netflix just released trailers New series titled Bridgerton on Wednesday (4/11/2020).

The series produced by Shondaland for Netflix is ​​confirmed to air in the last week of December, December 25, 2020.

Bridgerton is an adaptation of the novel series best selling of the same name by Julia Quinn.

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The story centers on the drama of the life and romance of British royalty in the early 1800s.

Told the Bridgerton family must experience the ups and downs of the life of the upper class nobles in the City of London.

Likewise with his children who also have to follow many traditions, one of which is the matchmaking event between nobles.

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The fourth daughter of the Bridgerton family, Dhapne (Phoebe Dynevor) did not escape this event.

Dhapne is expected to follow the tradition well, which is to find a partner and get married like before.

At first she had a hard time meeting the right man because she was considered too honest and cheerful to seduce a man.

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However, slowly his position in this event continues to creep up.

Not only that, Dhapne also started a new adventure by making love secretly.

The man is the Duke of Hasting (Rege Jean Pege), a handsome noble with a rebellious spirit who managed to steal his heart.

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Hasting refuses this matchmaking event and is not interested in the marriage bond.

Despite having different views on life, both Dhapne and Hasting are able to reconcile these differences and fall in love with each other.

The story gets even more exciting with the presence of Lady Whistledown (Julie Andrews), a witty and sarcastic columnist who has recently spread rumors through her writings.

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This rumor was in the form of a scandal carried out by members of the nobility and managed to create a scene.

Could the scandal in question be Dhapne and Hasting’s veiled relationship?

Watch the full movie Bridgerton which will air on Netlfix starting December 25, 2020.

Bridgerton Synopsis, Netflix’s New Series Set in the Life of British Nobles

on Netflix

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Bridgerton Synopsis, Netflix’s New Series Set in the Life of British Nobles

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