Biodata of Risty Tagor, who is reportedly divorced for the third time, this is how to find a mouthful of Gegara rice that is no longer selling on television screens – All Pages – The following is the biodata and full profile of Risty Tagor who is rumored to be divorced from her third husband.

Risty Tagor’s full profile has become the center of public attention since rumors of a rift in the household, including religion, husband’s occupation, and Instagram.

Risty Tagor’s household was again hit by bad rumors, she was rumored to be getting a divorce from her third husband who works as a lawyer.

Bad news emerged when Risty Tagor was reluctant to talk about the figure of his third husband.

It was previously known that Risty Tagor’s third marriage, for the third time, was deliberately concealed by her husband’s figure in public.

Risty Tagor never even shows the figure of her husband on her social media accounts.

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Risty Tagor is known to have been married twice before.

On October 2, 2010 she married actor Rifky Balweel and had 1 son named Arsen Raffa Balweel on Friday, April 8, 2011.

This marriage ended in divorce in 2014.

Furthermore, Risty re-married with Stuart Collin on April 19, 2015.

However, only a few months later the relationship ended, even though at that time Risty was pregnant with Stuart’s child.

Risty Tagor is the third of four children.

He has known the world of entertainment since childhood.

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Biography of Risty Tagor

Biography of Risty Tagor

When he was 4 years old, Risty had starred in several advertisements including toddler milk products, Glade room deodorizer, known for the song “fragrant flowers everywhere”, Raid mosquito repellent spray, and became a model photo for children’s magazines and Bintaro housing magazines. Jaya. .

But after entering elementary school, his mother wanted Risty to concentrate on school.

He reportedly swerved after no longer sold on the television screen.

Risty Tagor gets rupiah from endorsements that come to him.

Biography of Risty Tagor

Biography of Risty Tagor

Not only that, Risty Tagor also runs a fashion business that he pioneered.

Stuart Collin’s ex-wife is a YouTuber.

On his YouTube channel, RisTV, Risty Tagor presents many cooking videos to various other content.

The following is Risty Tagor’s full profile and biodata:

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Long Name : Ariestia Ramadhany Tagor Harahap

Nickname : Risty Tagor

Place and date of birth: Born in Jakarta, April 12, 1989

Age : 32 Years

Star: Aries


Occupation: Actress, Singer, Model, Entrepreneur

Parents Name : Johan Tagor Harahap and Tjut Mutia

Children’s names: Arsen Raffa Balweel, Arkana Rafif Bisyari, Cylla

Instagram : @ristytagor

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