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GridPop.ID – Sad news is back in the entertainment world of the country.

This time the sad news came from the beautiful artist Jane Shalimar who died after being exposed to COVID-19.

To commemorate him, the following GridPop summarizes the biodata of artist Jane Shalimar, a soap opera actress who was once the grandson of Ir Soekarno’s son-in-law.

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The owner’s real name is Jane Shalimar Jashkilka who was born in Jakarta, June 2, 1980.

Jane Shalimar or who is familiarly called Jenny is an Arab-blooded soap opera actress.

Launch TribuneCeleb, Jane Shalimar started her career in 1987 when she was accidentally offered an advertisement casting.

In the same year, Jane Shalimar participated in the Aneka magazine modeling competition and was successfully selected as the reader’s Favorite Covergirl.

Daughter of H. Dicky Sadikin (father) and Hj. Isye Faiza (mother) was then exclusively contracted by Multivision Plus.

He also began to spread his wings in the world of acting by starring in several soap opera titles such as “Padamu Aku Bersimpuh”, “Jalan Keadilan”, “Selendang Sutra Biru”, and “The Chosen Wife” as well as the FTV “Celebrity”. Are Also Humans”, “Love”, and “Lost Love”.

Success as a model and actor in soap operas, the eldest of three brothers then ventured into the world of presenters and became an announcer on Radio Indika.

It is recorded that he has hosted several events such as “Bowling Blitz”, “La Liga RCTI”, and “A Mild Billyard”.

In 2009, Jane Shalimar tried her luck in politics by participating in the election of a legislative candidate from the Democratic Party but failed.

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Not only is her work in the political world difficult, Jane Shalimar’s love journey is also known to be quite complicated.

Launch Tribun-Timur.comNoted, the woman who died at the age of 41 years has been married 5 times in her life.

In 2004, Jane Shalimar married her first husband named Vebryanto Indah Kusuma and they have a child.

Divorced from Vebry, Jane Shalimar was then reportedly married to a man named Bobby Syailendra in 2007 but again had to end in separation.

The journey of love continued until in 2012 Jane Shalimar claimed to have married Ir Soekarno’s grandson, Didi Mahardhika.

The marriage of Jane Shalimar and Didi Mahardhika is quite controversial because it is peppered with infidelity issues to the struggle for someone’s husband.

Released from the shackles of Didi Mahardhika’s love, Jane Shalimar claimed to have married a man whose identity was kept secret but again ended in separation.

Until finally Jane Shalimar married for the last time with Arsya Wijaya on February 20, 2020.

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But now, the figure of Jane Shalimar has left this world for good.

Launch, Jane Shalimar died on Sunday (4/7/2021) at around 4.20 WIB.

This 41-year-old woman died after previously being reported as critical after being exposed to COVID-19.

The plan is that Jane Shalimar’s body will be buried at Jeruk Purut TPU, South Jakarta using the COVID-19 protocol.



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