Besides going to the mall, where do you have to bring a Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate? page all – Covid-19 vaccine certificate is now one of the requirements for traveling and entering public facilities.

A number of regions have already implemented it.

Please note, as of Saturday (7/8/2021), of the 49,801,823 or 18 percent of the population who received the first dose of vaccine, 23,345,264 of them had been fully vaccinated.

The government continues to make various efforts to accelerate the Covid-19 vaccination and achieve herd immunity.

One of the strategies is to require a Covid-19 vaccine certificate to access public facilities.

“So when you go to a restaurant, don’t use this (certificate), refuse. Don’t shop with this, refuse. Because this is for the safety of all of us,” said Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Menko Marves) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, after monitoring the implementation of vaccinations. at the Sleman Secretariat Building, Friday (6/8/2021).

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Already implemented in several areas

Vaccine certificate requirements for access to public facilities have previously been implemented in a number of areas.

DKI Jakarta

In DKI Jakarta, the government issued a mandatory regulation of vaccine certificates for community activities in the business sector under the auspices of the Tourism Office.

In addition to malls, a number of public facilities are also required to show a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

Here’s the list:

  • Hotels and guesthouses
  • Restaurants, restaurants, warteg, and cafes are allowed to operate during PPKM Level 4
  • Salons and barbershops whose businesses are in separate locations
  • Implementation of the marriage contract at the hotel and meeting hall.

This policy received a response from business actors. One of them is from the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) (PHRI).

Chairman of the PHRI Jakarta, Sutrisno Iwantono, said that the mandatory vaccine regulations for visitors to restaurants and cafes in Jakarta are very burdensome.

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In addition to Jakarta, the Covid-19 vaccine certificate for access to public facilities will also be applied in other areas, such as Sleman and Salatiga.

Salatiga Mayor Yulianto said this requirement was an effort by the government to protect the community, not to make it difficult.

“Of course, not to complicate public access, but to protect the public when they are in public spaces,” said Salatiga Mayor Yulianto, quoted from the news.

Sleman will make a certificate of entry requirements for tourist destinations

Meanwhile, Sleman Regent Kustini Sri Purnomo said the vaccine certificate would also be used as a condition for visiting tourist destinations.

According to him, the tourism industry sector was almost entirely affected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This (vaccine card) is a solution so that tourist attractions do not collapse,” he said.


Not only access to public facilities, a Covid-19 vaccine certificate is also required for domestic travelers who use private cars, motorbikes, and long-distance public transportation in PPKM Level 3 and 4 areas.

Public transportation in this case is plane, bus, ship, and train.

However, travelers under the age of 18 are not subject to this requirement.

(Source: (Author: Dian Ade Permana/Wijaya Kusuma | Editor: Teuku Muhammad Valdy Arief)) Bhayu Tamtomo

Infographic: 5 Community Activities in Jakarta that Must Show Vaccine Certificate


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