Bak Karma Paid in Cash, Seize Queen’s Husband Rizky Nabila, Nadia Christina Beats Alfath’s Father For 4 Hours When Positive Covid-19: Until It Hurts!

figure.ID – The name of Persija footballer Alfath Fathier has recently been widely discussed because of the problem of his ex-wife, Ratu Rizky Nabila.

Alfath Fathier is known to have divorced the Queen while she was pregnant with her baby, and married another woman named Nadia Christina.

Nadia and Alfath had made oblique accusations about Ratu Rizky Nabila.

Starting to get pregnant with another boy, poisoned breast milk, and so on.

But now, Nadia Christina’s fate is no more pleasant than Ratu Rizky Nabila.

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Launch from Grid.ID, Nadia Christina revealed that there was an act of Domestic Violence (KDRT) committed by Alfath Fathier to her.

Nadia claimed to have experienced domestic violence when she was infected with the Covid-19 disease.

According to Nadia Christina, when doing domestic violence, Alfath Fathier did not feel the pain he was experiencing.

The reason is, even though they are both positive for Covid-19, Alfath Fathier is an OTG (Asymptomatic Person), while Nadia is symptomatic.

“Maybe because I have symptoms, he is OTG, so our frequency is not the same,” said Nadia when live broadcast of Rumpi Trans TV, Monday (12/7/2021).

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“He doesn’t feel what I feel.”

Nadia admitted that the domestic violence committed by the Persija footballer made her face bulge.

How could I not, Nadia admitted that Alfath was beaten for up to 4 hours non-stop.

Nadia Christina on the Rumpi Trans TV show.

screenshot of Trans TV

Nadia Christina on the Rumpi Trans TV show.

“I have a hard time, I have a fever, he pulses non-stop from 2 to 6 in the morning, so his face is swollen,” he explained.

This woman who works as an entrepreneur also admits that Alfath’s domestic violence is not the first time this has happened.

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Even at the beginning of his marriage in April 2021, the 25-year-old man had the courage to commit domestic violence.

As a result of the series of domestic violence she experienced, Nadia admitted that she was traumatized and couldn’t sleep.

Nadia Christina showed her face and body with bruises, which she said were caused by Alfath Fatier.


Nadia Christina showed her face and body with bruises, which she said were caused by Alfath Fatier.

“Trauma, I don’t want any more. I can’t even sleep well now, because it’s like I’m lying down, afraid that someone will hit me again,” said Nadia.

Meanwhile, Nadia Christina was previously known as a figure who also made oblique accusations against Ratu Rizky Nabila.

Nadia Christina, Alfath Fathier’s new wife, even made fun of Ratu Rizky Nabila.

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Reported from Bogor Tribune, Nadia Christina had the heart to say that Queen Rizky Nabila had poisoned breast milk.

“Poor milk later (Queen Rizky Nabila) contains poison,” said Nadia Christina some time ago.

He also threatened to throw Maia Estianty into prison. Because Maia is willing to help with the cost of the DNA test of Ratu Rizky Nabila’s child, which Alfath Fathier does not recognize.

Through the Instagram story upload @_nadiachristina on Sunday (23/5/2021), Alfath Fathier’s wife asked Maia to delete the video of her interview with the Queen.

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“To the sister who uploaded my face and badmouthed me. I waited 6 hours, otherwisedrop video, I do not hesitate to take it to the authorities,” threatened Nadia, quoted from Grid.ID.

“You don’t know me. I do not know you. But how dare you post my name and face. Defamation. Ma’am, did you realize when you uploaded the UU ITE or not?” she says.”

According to Nadia, Maia Estianty is too involved in her household affairs with Alfath and Ratu.

“Greetings, how come there is time to take people to the ground. I salute people like you. Those who have time to take care of other people’s households,” he said, adding a clapping emoji as if mockingly.

“I have time to unpack everything. Just wait for the match date,” he threatened at the time.

Nadia Christina's upload was allegedly for Maia Estianty.

Screenshot of Instagram/@__nadiachristina via Tribun Bogor

Nadia Christina’s upload was allegedly for Maia Estianty.

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