Amazing Reza Arap Gets IDR 1 Billion Donation from Doni Salmanan and Promises to Play Cat Mario Again

JAKARTA, – Long before entering the entertainment world, Reza Arap was an Indonesian gamer.

His work in playing games, both online and offline, he often shares through the YouTube channel he has built since November 1, 2012.

There are also silly games played by Reza Arap, such as Cat Mario, Getting Over It, Short Life, to Eryi’s Action.

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Although he had donated his old YouTube account to the Anyo Indonesia Foundation (YAI) in mid-2018, Reza Arap was born again with a new channel called yb.

Almost every night Reza Arap live streams while playing his favorite games such as Valorant, Apex, to Ragnarok X.

Like other gamers, when live streaming Reza Arap opens donations or donate, where viewers sincerely donate any amount.

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Doni Salmanan, YouTuber who donated Rp 1 billion to musician and YouTuber Reza Arap in a live streaming game.Instagram / @dissalmanan Doni Salmanan, YouTuber who donated Rp 1 billion to musician and YouTuber Reza Arap in a live streaming game.

Doni Salmanan donates Rp. 1 billion

Recently, the game world was shocked by Reza Arap who received a donation of Rp. 1 billion from someone named Doni Salmanan.

From Rp 10 million, then Rp 20 million, several times Rp 50 million, Rp 100 million and continues to grow until the nominal reaches Rp 1 billion when playing the game Ragnarok X.

The Weird Genius personnel didn’t know. Sometimes he even tells Doni Salmanan to stop donating before reaching Rp 1 billion.

To note, before getting Rp 1 billion from Doni Salmanan, Reza Arap had received donations from Koko Jackson of Rp 70 million, Michael worth Rp 22.5 million, to Deddy Corbuzier of Rp 15 million.

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Game YouTuber Reza Arap while playing Cat Mario.YouTube Reza Arab Game YouTuber Reza Arap while playing Cat Mario.

Mario cat

Even before reaching Rp 1 billion and Doni Salmanan’s donation reaching Rp 300 million, Reza Arap promised the audience that he would play Cat Mario again.

“Up to Rp 1 billion I (promise) to play Cat Mario, up to Rp 1 billion I play Cat Mario. It doesn’t make sense, it just doesn’t make sense, let alone Rp 1 billion,” said Reza Arap while laughing and shaking his head during the live stream.

“It’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible for people to donate Rp. 1 billion, it’s impossible,” said Reza Arap again as if he didn’t want to play an emotionally draining game, Cat Mario.

Syobon Action aka Cat Mario is a Japanese computer game first released in December 2007.

Super Mario Bros. parodies are famous for frustrating players because of the many unexpected and sometimes unseen traps.

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Doni Salmanan donated Rp.  1 billion when Reza Arap live streams the gameInstagram @donisalmanan Doni Salmanan donated Rp. 1 billion when Reza Arap live streams the game

Doni Salmanan’s Reason

After reaching Rp 1 billion, Reza Arap made a video call with Doni Salmanan.

Without further ado, Reza Arap immediately asked whether the Rp 1 billion would be returned or not. However, Doni Salmanan refused.

He admitted that he was willing to donate to Wendy Walters’ husband. Moreover, donations as a form of appreciation have entertained the audience so far.

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“From the beginning Doni liked Reza Arap’s content, then this was really sincere from my heart, I didn’t mean anything,” said Doni Salmanan.

“And I like to see your expression, very entertaining, I laugh to myself,” said Doni Salmanan again.

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