Amazing! Bambang Pamungkas Removes Eldest Child from Family Card, Why


The name of Jane Abel, the eldest child of Bambang Pamungkas, is now appearing in public and is becoming a hot topic of conversation for Mother. How not, the woman admitted that her father had deleted her name from the Family Card (KK).

Jane admitted that this was revealed when she updated the online motorcycle taxi application. In the process, the application asks him to attach a Population Identification Number (NIK).

At that time, Jane Abel admitted that she continued to experience failure. The reason is, the e-KTP in his name is not registered with the Population and Civil Registry Office (Disdukcapil) where he lives.

“So I was expelled from the KK, I don’t know. Because that’s what I want update How come the app doesn’t work all of a sudden? I didn’t know that when I was searched, it turned out that I had been kicked out of the KK,” said Jane Abel, quoted from on Saturday (7/8/2021).

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Responding to the incident, Jane Abel admitted that she was very disappointed, Mother. He felt that Bambang Pamungkas as a father was unfair in treating himself and his other children.

With this condition, Jane Abel also seemed unable to do anything, so she could only remain silent and chose to give up.

“Surprised, it’s also unfair to say yes because the first time Salsa (the daughter of Tribuana Tungga Dewi) was still there and entered her KK. It can’t be helped, just accept it. I mean, if you really have to get kicked out, that’s all,” said Jane. Abel.

Jane Abel said she hoped her father would have told her before taking action. Because if it is done secretly like this it will actually make it difficult for administrative matters

“Actually, if you want to be expelled, just take it out, but you can tell me that.”

“I don’t know if the object is taken out like that, when it’s finished everything is finished. It’s not taken care of quickly, it’s postponed until it’s difficult for the one who has to take care of the administration,” he continued.

In the statement that Jane Abel saw, it turned out that Bambang Pamungkas stated that the child was expelled from the family for one purpose, namely so that he could carry out various administrative processes with ease. To note, Jane Abel is a student who currently lives in Solo, Central Java.

However, Jane Abel felt like returning to settle in Jakarta after finishing her schooling. That’s what makes the 20-year-old woman object to her father’s attitude.

“Yesterday I went to the Dukcapil Provincial Government. Now in my father’s statement, he said that if he was transferred, it would be easier to take care of school administration and others. Because I was in Solo it would be easier, so I was transferred. to Solo,” he said.

“Remember, you have graduated, will graduate soon, and want to live in Jakarta, so it seems like you don’t take care of it twice. So it’s better to stay in Jakarta,” concluded Jane Abel.

For information, Jane Abel was born to her mother, whom Bambang Pamungkas married before remarrying Tribuana Tungga Dewi.

Jane explains that her mother is now dead. The mother and the ultimate Bambang also divorced before he died.


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