Although the Actor is Famous, These 10 Movie Characters Die Quickly!

Usually in those films, famous actors also get big roles. Because of course using their services will also cost a lot of money.

But there are also films where the character of this famous actor dies quickly. The audience may be surprised.

What the hell? Here are 10 Movie Characters Who Die Quickly Even though the Actor is Famous!

1. Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis – Executive Decision

Although the Actor is Famous, These 10 Movie Characters Die Quickly!Steven Seagal at Executive Decision. Dock. Warner Bros

In the movie Executive decision, Austin Travis played by Steven Seagal.

Executive decision this film was released in 1996. Previously, Seagal has starred in films such as Under Siege, Under Siege 2, and In Deadly Land.

In that film, Steven Seagal’s character really feels too super. With aikido, he could finish the fight in an instant.

So it was very surprising when Executive decision, Austin Travis died relatively quickly, sacrificing himself for his team.

According to actor John Leguizamo, Seagal didn’t want to film his character’s death scene and locked himself in the trailer.

2. Casey Becker- Scream

Although the Actor is Famous, These 10 Movie Characters Die Quickly!Drew Barrymore at Scream. Dock. Dimensional Film

Casey Becker at Shout played by Drew Barrymore.

At that time Drew Barrymore was a famous young actress. His name in the film world has stood out since his debut in ET, and he got a nomination Golden Globes for his role in crazy.

Therefore, when Drew Barrymore played in ShoutThe viewer’s perception is that the character will be the main character.

But it turns out that Casey Becker was murdered in the early days of the film.

Reported E! True Hollywood Story: Scream, actually Drew Barrymore was originally going to play the character of Sidney Prescott who is the main character of the film. However, Barrymore faces an unexpected commitment, so Sidney’s character is changed to Neve Campbell, while Barrymore’s character dies quickly.

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3. Curt Vaughan – Cabin in the Woods

Although the Actor is Famous, These 10 Movie Characters Die Quickly!Chris Hemsworth (left) in Cabin in the Woods. Dock. Lion Gate

Curt Vaughan is played by Chris Hemsworth.

Moment Cabin in the Forest release, Chris Hemsworth is already known as Thor. So the audience might think that the character will last until the end of the film.

Is that so? Apparently not. Curt was killed, and neither of the two main characters survived until the end.

4. Kane – Alien

Although the Actor is Famous, These 10 Movie Characters Die Quickly!John Hurts in Alien (1979). Dock. 20th Century Fox

If you watch Aliens By now, you probably already know that Ellen Ripley is the main character of this series Aliens and he will survive that first film.

But the audience in 1979 didn’t expect that. Back then, actress Sigourney Weaver was not a big name.

Biggest cast name in Aliens is John Hurt, who plays Kane. Will Kane’s character survive?

No. Kane dies relatively quickly in the film, in a brutal way too.

5. Duke – GI Joe: Revenge

Duke is played by Channing Tatum. Not only is Tatum a famous action actor who often becomes the main star, he also becomes the main character in the film GI Joe previously.

In the GI Joe: Revenge, Duke died quickly.

6. Marion’s Stork – Psycho

Marion Crane is played by the famous actress Janet Leigh. When the film was first released, many would have guessed that Marion would be the central character until the end of the film.

In fact, Marion died after 40 minutes.

This is even the reason Alfred Hitchcock asked cinemas not to allow latecomers to watch psycho. You see, if there are Janet Leigh fans who enter after the film runs for 1 hour, then they will not find Leigh and feel cheated.

7. Joe Brody – Godzilla (2014)

Although the Actor is Famous, These 10 Movie Characters Die Quickly!Bryan Cranston at Godzilla (2014). Dock. Warner Bros

Joe Brody is played by Bryan Cranston. Since 2008, Cranston is best known for playing Walter White in Falling apart.

fan Falling apart probably thought Joe Brody’s character would be an important character. But Brody died quickly.

Reported collide, Bryan Cranston felt Joe Brody’s quick death was a mistake.

8. Russell Franklin – Dark Blue Sea

Although the Actor is Famous, These 10 Movie Characters Die Quickly!Samuel L Jackson. Dock. Warner Bros

Russell Franklin is played by actor Samuel L. Jackson.

At the beginning of his career, Samuel L. Jackson had felt like playing a character who died quickly. Included in movies like True Romance.

But when Dark Blue Sea, Jackson is already a big name, with roles like Jules in Pulp Fiction.

At that time, I personally thought that the character played by LL Cool J would die quickly, and Russell played by Samuel L. Jackson would be an important character.

But apparently Russell Franklin actually died quickly.

9. Detective Christopher Danson – Someone Else

Although the Actor is Famous, These 10 Movie Characters Die Quickly!Dwayne Johnson at The Other Guys. Dock. Sony Pictures

Detective Christopher Danson is featured as an action movie-style super cop in Others. He is also played by Dwayne Johnson who is already well known as an actor who plays a macho and tough character.

He feels even more super than Gamble and Hoitz, the main characters of the film.

But Danson and his partner die very quickly in this film.

10. Detective PK Highsmith – Someone Else

Although the Actor is Famous, These 10 Movie Characters Die Quickly!Samuel L. Jackson (left) and Dwayne Johnson (right). Dock. Sony Pictures

Uh, there’s Samuel L. Jackson again on this list.

Samuel L. Jackson as PK Highsmith, Danson’s partner in Others.

Just like Danson, PK Highsmith characters die quickly and ridiculously.

Well, that’s 10 movie characters who die quickly even though the actors are famous. What do you think? Say it in the comments column!

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