Admire What If? Episode 4:

Wonder What if? episode 3 presents the dark reality where almost all the Avengers die.

Is it Marvel? What if? Episode 4 will bring a brighter adventure? Maybe closer to episode 1 or 2?

Apparently not. Still dark like it was in episode 3. Maybe darker?

1. One thing is causing trouble

Admire What If?  Episode 4: Doctor Strange's Fatal MistakeDisney+ Hotstar/What If…?

In this reality, after the accident Stephen Strange was still able to use his hands.

Problem? Christine Palmer who joined her car eventually died in an accident.

Yes. It’s different from the movie. In the film, Strange is alone at the time of the accident.

Strange then remained a wizard. He even beat Dormammu too.

But after that, he started looking for a way to save Christine.

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2. Christine can’t be saved

Admire What If?  Episode 4: Doctor Strange's Fatal MistakeDisney+ Hotstar/What If…?

In mainstream MCU reality, Christine isn’t even dead yet.

But in this universe, Christine really can’t be saved. His death is absolute point in history.

Weird usage Agamotto’s Eyes to go back and forth in time. Everything failed.

Even Strange can’t seem to recreate a situation similar to the original MCU, where it’s his hand that’s permanently injured, not Christine’s.

Not inviting Christine also caused Christine to be still dying for various reasons.

This causes Strange to seek extreme alternatives. Including absorbing various mystical creatures into his body.

3. In the end, everything Strange did was in vain

Admire What If?  Episode 4: Doctor Strange's Fatal MistakeDisney+ Hotstar/What If…?

What was unique was that the Ancient Ones seemed to have created a time junction in this reality. Two timelines occur in one reality.

So while Strange is obsessed with going back in time and starting to absorb mystical creatures, there’s the good Strange who decides to go against his plans.

This good Strange continues to have to fight the obsessed Strange. Subtitles mentions this obsessed Strange the Strange Supreme.

In the end, Strange Supreme also absorbed Strange well. Strange Supreme also seems to have managed to save Christine.

But then reality really couldn’t be saved.

End What If? Episode 3 is actually already dark. endLoki’s rule rules the world. But there’s hope Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, and Steve Rogers can turn things around. Moreover, heroes like War Machine and Black Panther are still alive there.

This one? It’s really hopeless. Strange’s selfishness causes his reality to seem utterly shattered.

When it comes to story darkness, it’s even darker than last week.

4. Uatu insists that he is just an observer

Admire What If?  Episode 4: Doctor Strange's Fatal MistakeDisney+ Hotstar/What If…?

There is one interesting interaction in this episode. Strange notices Uatu’s whereabouts and asks for his help.

Uatu really couldn’t help, despite the signs he wanted to intervene.

This one interaction confirms that Uatu’s role is truly an observer. Even if the situation is bad, he must not be involved in the events in that episode What if.

If, for example, Uatu intervened, I wonder how serious the situation would be. Is it worse than this episode, to the point of threatening the ultimate reality?

That’s my discussion about Marvel What if? episode 4.

Watch this episode while remembering the trailer No Way Home, so I wondered if Strange could be trusted to tackle multiuniverse problems.

What do you think? Say it in the comments column!

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