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Acknowledging that the cost to play the film reaches Rp. 400 million, revealed Nikita Mirzani’s payment for one performance was actually like a solo organ artist!

WIKEN.ID – It is undeniable that the figure of the artist Nikita Mirzani is a controversial artist.

Nikita Mirzani has also been involved in satire wars or spitting on the disgrace of his fellow celebrities.

This is what makes her nicknamed the queen of riots.

Nikita Mirzani also often bruises luxury items in his life.

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Even Nikita Mirzani once said that the fee was hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah and was able to compete with the sultan of Andara.

However, it seems that now Nikita Mirzani can no longer dodge.

Not long ago, there was a conversation about a fellow artist who revealed Nikita Mirzani’s fees.

Surprisingly in the chat it was revealed that Nikita’s payments did not reach tens of millions.

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In one of the Instagram @/winnersteam.pantangmundur reported by (10/09) there is a chat of someone suspected of Angel Lelga dismantling Nikita’s (Niki) payment.

The contact, named Angel Lelga, revealed that Niki’s salary was relatively small.

Chat says that Niki’s salary is under 4 million.

“Sis, it’s sad that Nikita has been replaced, I want her, because,” he wrote.

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“The PH person checked the price on TV and said it was under 4 million, so he didn’t want 8 million,” said Angel Lelga.

The figure also said that he didn’t want to talk about it, especially when Niki was in trouble.

“But I don’t want to talk to Niki anymore, because unfortunately she has a lot of problems,” wrote Angel Lelga’s chat.

chat that is suspected to be angel legga


chat that is suspected to be angel legga

Suddenly the upload was flooded with many comments from netizens.

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Many laughed and ridiculed Niki because so far he had boasted of being the highest paid, but it turned out to be the other way around.

@ibehthereal: “He said hundreds of millions and the most expensive llllll.ah teong,”

@ekamunir2116: “The cost of a rich single organ artist,”

@nansfatima: “You only use tralala TV, maybe tralala doesn’t tw in Indonesia, many artists have a moral attitude, that’s why this handsome man switched TV because what he showed damaged the nation’s generation,”

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Meanwhile, quoted from, Niki once boasted how much he paid when appearing on TV.

Nikita said, since the beginning of playing the film, he had been paid up to Rp. 400 million.

“In the past, because most of the films were horror-comedy, yes,” he said.

“In the past, in horror-comedy films, Niki played the main role in everything. The payment is up to four hundred (millions),” concluded Nikita.

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Currently, if he plays soap operas, he can earn Rp. 35 million and have signed billions of contracts just to support goods.

“Niki’s soap opera is already Rp. 35 million,” said Niki.

“They said there was a contract of up to Rp 2.5 billion?” said the presenter.

“That’s an endorsement, if you post on Instagram it’s only a range, if you post in less than 24 hours it’s under Rp 10 million,” explained Nikita.

“If the video is above Rp 15 million, if the feed is Rp 25 million,” concluded Nikita.

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