A Public Figure Who Maintains His Identity as a Court of Nobility all

KOMPAS.com – There are several community leaders who come from well-known families aka “blue blood” or nobles. But most of them hide their identity.

Perhaps this is done so that the public knows more about their talents and abilities, rather than seeing their status.

For example, British aristocrat Sophie Winkleman who did not use her royal title while playing in the film “Two and a Half Men”.

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Who else from the royal lineage keeps their identity a secret? Here he is.

1. Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark

Prince Nikolaos is a photographer and environmental activist. He was born into the Greek royal family shortly before the monarchy was abolished in 1974.

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Nikolaos has tried various professions before finally becoming a photographer.

In 1995, he worked as a production assistant at Fox News in New York, USA. He didn’t want to be treated differently because of his noble status, so he revoked his peerage and used a pseudonym.

“No one knows, other than my director of course. It’s amazing, I was treated the same as anyone else,” Nikolaos told Insider.

However, a photo of Nikolaos at his brother Crown Prince Pavlos’s royal wedding lets his co-workers find out who he really is.

“When they find out, they form an opinion about me, good or bad in one way or another, but it’s not influenced by my background. That’s how it should be,” added Nikolaos.

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2. Prince Kunle of Nigeria

More than 20 years ago, Nigeria’s Prince Adekunle “Kunle” Adebayo Omilana launched Inspiration TV, Europe’s first 24-hour Christian television station. Currently the television station is no longer operating.

Kunle later became CEO of Wonderful Media in London, England.

In business, Kunle rarely used the title Prince. He only listed the name “Kunle Omilana” on his Linkedin account.

Princess Miriam of Bulgaria who became a jewelry designer.Insider Princess Miriam of Bulgaria who became a jewelry designer.

In fact, Kunle kept his status as a noble a secret. It was to the point that his wife Princess Keisha didn’t know that Kunle was royalty when they first met.

3. Princess Miriam of Bulgaria

Miriam, Princess of Turnovo is a member of the Bulgarian royal family who is married to the late Prince Kardam.

Miriam worked as a jewelry designer and gemologist before she became a royal wife.

When she launched the MdeU brand in 2014, she used her maiden name de Ungría, wearing no aristocratic frills to promote the brand.

For your information, MdeU sells various jewelry such as Tiara of Roses silver, rose gold, or rhodium which are priced at US$ 3,200 or around Rp. 46.2 million.

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4. Prince Rostislav of Russia

Prince Rostislav Romanov is a descendant of the Russian royal family. All members of the royal family were executed in the Russian Revolution in 1918.

On his Instagram account, Rostislav describes himself as an artist who tries to capture the beauty and strangeness of the world and its surroundings.

He doesn’t use his royal status on social media at all.

“Sometimes I think that the surviving Romanovs are the best kept secret in the world,” said Prince Rostislav.

5. Sophie Winkleman, actress

In 2009, British actress and activist Sophie Winkleman married Lord Frederick Windsor, son of Prince Michael, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

The two moved to Los Angeles, USA the day after their wedding ceremony.

Then, Winkleman co-starred with Ashton Kutcher in the film “Two and a Half Men” in 2011.

Previously, Winkleman said no one in Hollywood knew he was royalty because he kept his maiden name.

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6. Naz Osmanoglu, comedian

His Royal Highness Prince Nazim Osmanoglu is a member of the Turkish royal family who was exiled in 1924 after the Ottoman Empire was abolished.

However, most of his fans don’t know the facts about the figure of Naz – the nickname of Prince Nazim.

The man who grew up in Dubai and the UK is an actor, comedian, as well as a star on the TikTok platform.

“My stage name is not prince. I’m only known as the prince off stage,” he said.

“I always thought that status would get in the way. I thought introducing myself as Prince Nazim Ziyaeddin Nazim Osmanoglu was a bit of an exaggeration, so I didn’t do it.”

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