8 Problems in MCU Production That Affected the Film

Of course, the production is on a large scale, so conflicts can also occur in the production.

Conflicts, dramas, and problems are also not spared from the production of several Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

The problem even affects the next movie or movies, what’s the problem?

1. Terrence Howard left the project due to salary issues

8 Problems in MCU Production That Affected the Filmscreenrant.com

Trouble starts from the first movie Iron Man which is the opening of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Terrence Howard who played Rhodey at the time was a more popular actor than Robert Downey Jr.

However, there were problems with payment that Terrence Howard’s fees were allocated to RDJ’s fees, causing Terrence Howard to leave the project. Iron Man.

2. Edward Norton and creative issues with Marvel Studios

8 Problems in MCU Production That Affected the Filmcbr.com

Although not included in credit, but Edward Norton was instrumental in writing the screenplay for the film Amazing Hulk.

According to Edward Norton himself, one of his problems with Marvel Studios that made him opt out also has to do with creative film issues. Hulk.

As we all know, Edward Norton also admitted that he would be an unruly actor if the script he played was not appropriate, because of that Bruce Banner in Avengers replaced by Mark Ruffalo.

3. Joss Whedon is no longer employed by Marvel

8 Problems in MCU Production That Affected the Filmempireonline.com

According to Joss Whedon (director Avengers and Avengers 2), he also had creative issues that clashed with Marvel Studios.

Especially in movies Avengers: Age of Ultron which became his last film with the MCU due to these creative issues.

Joss Whedon admitted that the executives at Marvel Studios had different views from Whedon for this film, because there were many scenes that appeared in the film. trailers but not in the movies.

Even according to Whedon, his favorite scene, namely Clint Barton’s house and family, was almost cut by Marvel Studios.

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4. Original director Ant Man, Edgar Wright who resigned from his project

8 Problems in MCU Production That Affected the Filmlooper.com

Still the same as Edward Norton or Joss Whedon, this time the problem is also related to differences in creative views.

Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Baby Driver, Shaun of The Dead) is the director chosen by Marvel to make the film Ant Man even almost 10 years before this film was released.

However, in 2014 Edgar Wright opted out of this project due to differences in creative views, but Edgar Wright was still included in the project. credit film Ant Man as scenario writer and story writer.

5. Movies Hulk suspended in collaboration with Universal Pictures

8 Problems in MCU Production That Affected the FilmDock. Marvel Studios

Edward Norton’s point aside, the Hulk is still in the MCU with a new cast, namely Mar Ruffalo, but why isn’t there a single film? Hulk again?

Because the production rights for one Hulk film are owned by Universal Pictures, so Hulk can only appear as a supporting character in the MCU film.

If Marvel Studios and Universal Pictures don’t find a new deal for a movie Hulk then we won’t get a single movie Hulk again.

6. Spider-Man’s fate still depends on Sony and Disney’s decision

8 Problems in MCU Production That Affected the FilmDock. Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures

This issue is similar to the Hulk, but in the case of Spider-Man, feels looser because rights owner, Sony, is also actively making Spider-Man films, unlike Universal Pictures, which doesn’t seem to have any intentions. continued the Hulk.

Sony and Marvel Studios currently have an agreement under which the Spider-Man character can also appear under the Marvel Studios banner.

But the name of the deal is bound to come to an end, either it gets updated so Spider-Man will still appear in the MCU or Sony takes his “kid” again and Spidey moves into Sony’s Marvel universe with Venom.

It would be even better if the two universes came together, but the deal problem between the two companies was definitely a serious one that wasn’t easy to solve.

7. Substitution of actress Cassie Lang afterwards End of game

8 Problems in MCU Production That Affected the Filmcomic book.com

This is the most recent issue, but the effect is not as big as some of the other issues, but it is still being discussed by fans who are divided into two camps.

In the movie Avengers: Endgame, young actor Cassie Lang is Emma Fuhrman who is a newcomer actress.

But suddenly the cast for Ant-Man 3 replaced with Kathryn Newton who is an experienced young actress. Of course the fans are divided into two camps.

8. Placement issues black widow until the conflict with Scarlett Johansson

8 Problems in MCU Production That Affected the Filmcbr.com

When released, the film black widow has created drama even from lead actress Scarlett Johansson.

According to Scarjo, Disney violated their contract agreement and made a movie black widow also released on Disney+.

This obviously affected revenue because the film was not exclusive to theaters, so Scarjo took the case to court.

So, those are the 8 problems that occur behind the production of the MCU film. Any other? Write in the comments column yes.

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