8 dramas with the highest ratings throughout July 2021, many popular titles

KONTAN.CO.ID – I can’t believe the month of July is over. Throughout July 2021, many Korean dramas (drakor) are competing for the highest rating.

Revolutionary Sister which aired on KBS2 TV became the Korean drama with the highest rating. Followed by another popular Korean drama that is Penthouse 3 dan Hospital Playlist 2.

Besides, the latest Korean drama Demon Judge also strong competition. Well, here is a list of Korean dramas with the highest ratings throughout July 2021.

Revolutionary Sister

Revolutionary Sister

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Revolutionary Sister is a Korean drama with a family story that airs on weekends. This Korean drama, starring Jeon Hye Bin, has a total of 50 episodes.

Based on Nielsen Korea, Revolutionary Sister reached a high of 31.9 percent in July. This makes Revolutionary Sister became the highest-rated Korean drama in July.

Penthouse 3

Penthouse 3

Korean drama Penthouse 3 again entertains the audience with a story of revenge action. The popular Korean drama received a high rating of 17.5 percent on SBS.

The Korean drama, which originally consisted of 12 episodes, will certainly add more episodes. Penthouse 3 will have a total of 14 episodes to reach the maximum ending.

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Hospital Playlist 2

Hospital Playlist 2

Latest Korean Drama Hospital Playlist 2 achieved a high rating of 13.2 percent on tvN. Hospital Playlist 2 features the daily stories of doctors, nurses and patients in hospitals.

Hospital Playlist 2 features a different story from other medical Korean dramas. Hospital Playlist 2 made by a director and writer who previously had success with popular Korean dramas repay 1988.

Love (together with Marriage and Divorce) 2

Love ft Marriage and Divorce 2

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Together with Hospital Playlist 2, love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)2 also received a rating of 13.2 percent. These two newest Korean dramas always compete to get the highest rating every week.

love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 2 itself became the highest-rated Korean drama of all time on TV Chosun. The latest Korean drama starring Sung Hoon to Park Joo Mi.

Demon Judge

Demon Judge

Another new Korean drama that also enlivened the highest rating competition in July. There’s a new korean drama Demon Judge starring Ji Sung on tvN.

According to Nielsen Korea, Demon Judge received a rating of 6.3 percent. This Korean drama features a courtroom that is turned into a show to punish bad people.

Boys Racket

Boys Racket

The next ranking for Korean dramas with the highest ratings throughout July is Boys Racket. This Korean drama about badminton received a rating of 5.6 percent on SBS.

This figure is the highest rating Boys Racket throughout the July release. Meanwhile, the last episode that was supposed to air on August 2 was pushed back to August 9.

Voice 4

Voice 4

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Korean drama Voice 4 starring Song Seung Heon and Lee Ha Na finally ended. This Korean drama got a rating of 4.4 percent in the last episode that aired on tvN.

The rating is the highest throughout the broadcast Voice 4 on tvN. In this highest ranked competition, Boys Racket superior to My roommate is A Gumiho.

My roommate is A Gumiho

My roommate is a Gumiho

According to Nielsen Korea, My roommate is A Gumiho get a 4 percent rating on tvN. Korean drama romantic couple Jang Ki Yong (Sweet and sour) and Hyeri (repay 1988).

This romantic and fantasy Korean drama adapts a story from a webcomic. My roommate is A Gumiho soon replaced by the latest korean drama Tragedy One starting August 4th on tvN.


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