7 Marvel Movie Characters Who Made Fatal Mistakes

Most of the characters in the MCU today are still humans who can make mistakes even though their bodies are mostly superhuman.

Because of that, there are some actions that make fatal mistakes that some characters in the MCU do.

This error has a severe impact on the continuation of the story or on the characters themselves. What are these errors?

1. Tony Stark challenges The Mandarin to give him his home address

7 Marvel Movie Characters Who Made Fatal Mistakes comic book.com

In the movie Iron Man 3 it was time to heat up the situation between Tony Stark and his group The Mandarin which made Tony furious.

In the interview, Tony Stark dared to challenge The Mandarin even to give his address. Maybe his address in Malibu is an open secret, but it’s still a challenge.

The problem is that Tony really believes he can withstand the attack or even believes that The Mandarin will not dare to attack. He was proven wrong.

2. Rocket steals Anulax battery

7 Marvel Movie Characters Who Made Fatal Mistakes comic book.com

Just on a whim, Rocket steals Anulax’s battery from the planet Sovereign who previously employed Guardians.

Therefore the Sovereign also chases the Guardians throughout the film but the climax is on the planet Ego where the Sovereign army makes the process of defeating Ego even more difficult.

If Rocket hadn’t stolen, maybe Ego would have been easier to beat (since they just had to destroy Ego’s core before the Sovereign came) and maybe Yondu wouldn’t have died.

3. Captain America Covering Howard Stark’s Death

7 Marvel Movie Characters Who Made Fatal Mistakes marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com

Howard Stark is a friend of Steve Rogers, but Bucky is a true friend of Captain America.

As Rogers himself admits, hearing the name Bucky made him feel like a kid from Brooklyn again, so some hasty decisions were made by Rogers for Bucky.

One that is quite fatal is to cover up the death of Howard Stark and his wife from Tony if it turns out that Bucky killed. Eventually Civil war Rogers himself said it was his fault because he thought hiding this fact was tantamount to protecting Tony.

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4. T’Chakka left N’Jadaka after N’Jobu .’s death

7 Marvel Movie Characters Who Made Fatal Mistakes Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger from Black Panther. Dock. Marvel Studios

Okay, maybe what T’Chakka did was right (though it doesn’t seem necessary) when he killed N’Jobu who betrayed Wakanda and almost killed Zuri.

But what was strange and became a fatal act was when he left his son N’Jobu, N’Jadaka, alone, even leaving N’Jobu’s body at his residence.

Of course N’Jadaka or Erik Killmonger grows up to be evil and his goal is to avenge Wakanda. If he had brought N’Jadaka back to Wakanda, it might have been a different story.

5. The Star King who hit Thanos at the wrong time

7 Marvel Movie Characters Who Made Fatal Mistakes screenrant.com

This was actually a human action that could happen to anyone, the problem was that the Star Lord had the wrong timing to vent.

Anyone would get emotional when they found out their loved ones had been killed and the killer was right in front of them, which was the reason why Star Lord hit Thanos.

The problem is that Spider-Man and Iron Man almost managed to do it back then Unlimited Gloves from the hands of Thanos, who even if he succeeded there would be no event that half the galaxy’s population was lost.

Maybe I think Nebula is also to blame here for not knowing when to break the bad news to Quill.

6. Thor who didn’t hit Thanos in the head

7 Marvel Movie Characters Who Made Fatal Mistakes screenrant.com

This is a fatal mistake that Thanos also confirmed and Thor deeply regrets.

With his new weapon, in Wakanda he could literally kill Thanos before he did snap if it hits the head. But Thor instead attacked Thanos’ chest, apparently his goal was not to kill Thanos immediately, but to make him suffer first.

After another chance, on another occasion End of game Thor learned from his experiences and always tried to strike Thanos in the head.

7. Sylvie who is emotional and kills He Who Remains (Kang)

7 Marvel Movie Characters Who Made Fatal Mistakes Silvie and Loki. Disney + Hot Stars / Loki

The peak of the conflict in the last episode Loki instead it was Loki’s fight against Sylvie where they had different goals.

Sylvie was emotional and resented whoever was in power at TVA for making her life so difficult as a child she was arrested by TVA for reasons she doesn’t know what.

When he meets the leader of TVA, He Who Remains, of course Sylvie wants revenge by killing him, but Loki knows that killing He Who Remains will only have a bigger impact on the timeline.

Sure enough, it seemed that was also Kang’s plan, after He Who Remains was killed by Sylvie, it happened again. multiverse which would be dangerous because it could create a world war.

So there you have it, 7 characters in the MCU who made a fatal mistake. Any other? Write your opinion in the comments column.

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