7 Incredible Chinese Drama Scenes

It’s not just Indonesian soap operas that are magical, you know. This Mandarin drama also has a series of scenes that are beyond reason.

Indonesian soap operas have scenes that are beyond reason? Apparently, it’s not only soap operas in Indonesia that contain scenes that are beyond reason. Chinese dramas, for example, also often contain ridiculous scenes that make us frown.

How bad are the silly scenes in Chinese dramas? Is our mind able to accept it? Let’s check them one by one here.

Incredible Chinese Drama Scene

1. Very Long Head

Incredible Chinese Drama Scene

Incredible Chinese Drama Scene

Hospital scenes do tend to be challenging to make. In addition to involving complex properties and locations that have to be laid out like a real hospital/clinic, filmmakers must do in-depth research so as not to make mistakes in making scenes.

Well, the scene in this Taiwanese drama is the fruit of a lack of research and also careless makeup. Seen a female patient wrapped in her hair. Her hair was slashed and then bandaged, giving the impression that this woman’s head was very long, like a cartoon character!

2. Giving birth to a “toddler”

Look for talent baby red is difficult and risky. However, to depict the scene of the birth of a baby, it is better not to use a baby who is over one month old, or can use a doll.

However, this was not done by one of the Chinese dramas in the photo. Instead of using talent baby or red doll, it looks like the child acting as a newborn is almost a year old! It was, as it were, like a giant baby!

3. Want to Help People or Clean the Air Conditioner?

Incredible Chinese Drama Scene

Incredible Chinese Drama Scene

One of the actions of doctors who are most often shown in soap operas is to give oxygen cylinders to unconscious patients. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the general public is increasingly understanding how to treat patients with respiratory disorders. Therefore, of course you will laugh out loud seeing what this Taiwanese drama has to offer.

Instead of being given respiratory support, the patient in this drama looks like an air conditioner being drained. Whether you’re being chased by a deadline or lazy to research, what’s clear is that this scene really doesn’t look the way it was intended. Do not imitate yes, because it is dangerous!

4. Patient’s Mother

Incredible Chinese Drama Scene

Incredible Chinese Drama Scene

Well, here’s a scene that looks funny, but can be dangerous if taken seriously! Bandages are synonymous with serious accidents, but a patient with respiratory distress definitely cannot receive oxygen if his mouth is bandaged!

Even though the oxygen hose used was correct, it didn’t work because it was blocked by a bandage. His intention was probably to portray a serious accident, but it ended up being a joke.

5. Suicide for Mobile

Cell phones are valuable items, including for teenagers. Well, serial Growing Sick It presents a scene of a teacher throwing the cell phone of one of his students out the window. Automatically, the students came out to get their cellphones – even though the class wasn’t on the first floor.

While this scene is a little bit likely to happen (compared to the other scenes above), it’s a ridiculous scene and not worth emulating. Of course the jumping reaction to take the cellphone is a ridiculous thing considering that the cellphone must have been damaged and is life threatening. Teachers are also strictly prohibited from destroying student property. Instead of throwing it away, why not just confiscate it?

6. Extra Ears

Incredible Chinese Drama Scene

Incredible Chinese Drama Scene

Here’s a scene that’s hilarious and makes you wonder: director and team clothes what are you really thinking? Do they want to make a cat version of a human? Or do you want to make a mouse stealth pokemon?

One of the characters in this Chinese drama uses a head towel, but it is made like a mouse’s ear. In addition to these mouse ears, the actor also received calls with a roll of towels. Hmm, can the voice on the phone be heard?

7. X-ray wrong

Amazing scene

Amazing scene

For ordinary people, at first glance there is nothing wrong with this sight. However, the doctors will know where the fault lies! Yes, the photo in the X-Ray examination shown does not show the brain, even though the story is about detecting brain disorders. What is seen in the examination is not the brain, but the stomach!


The crew may feel that the audience in general doesn’t know, but, nowadays, anything goes viral and is easy to detect. After all, among the viewers of the series, there must be someone who works as a health worker!

What do you think about the Chinese drama scene above? Did you also find out-of-the-box scenes in other dramas? Share in the column below yes.


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