7 Fast and Furious Scenes That Are Often Used As Memes

Hurry up and furious can be said as a franchise with many unforgettable scenes. Lots scene which is felt to symbolize the social conditions that occur in society, this race-themed film is often used as a template memes.

Want to know which scenes are often used as meme material? Check out the discussion below!

1. Vince Rescue – The Fast and The Furious

This scene occurs when the Toretto gang tries to hijack a trailer truck with Vince as the executor. Unfortunately, the truck driver apparently has gun So Dom panicked and asked his friend to come back. He even had time to stick his hand out of the car so he could reach Vince who was about to jump.

Because this scene is so iconic, usually the meme makers parody it with other things in everyday life that require us to intervene. One example is when you take a parking ticket.

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2. Dom’s reaction to being shot by a gun – The Fast and The Furious

Still on the trailer truck chase by Dom and pals

This reaction is shown by Dom when his car’s taillight is hit by a gunshot gun from the truck driver. The look on his face when he was surprised seemed to be a joke for meme fans to this day.

Frequently used jokes are usually related to a certain subject’s reaction to a more interesting object. To put it simply, Dom’s facial expression in the scene seems to depict a form of great enthusiasm for an object that is on the rise.

3. Dom pre-race chat – The Fast and The Furious

This chat itself occurs when the race is about to start. Just then, Dom spoke to one of his opponents and ended it with a laugh, while the other’s face was seen fill.

This scene itself is often used as a meme with a 4-panel format. Usually, creators create it by replacing the original dialogue with their own creation. Of course, the content of dialogue created by meme creators is usually related to current issues or pop culture that is happening.trend.

4. Pearce jumps from the tank – Fast and Furious 6

This one happened in the sixth series, precisely when Toretto’s group was chased by Owen’s group. At that time, Pearce’s car was almost run over by a tank so he had to find other footing to save himself.

Luckily, Brian came quickly so Pearce could jump out just before being hit by a tank. This scene is often used as a meme material in the context of the transition of public interest from the old trend to the new trend.

5. Return of Han – Fast and Furious 9

This one really surprised fans all over the world.

The scene of Han’s return itself is in the latest sequel, where his arrival surprised everyone. There is much debate about how he will return, although the scene of his death at Shaw’s hands is very vividly displayed.

Therefore, many have made this scene a meme related to the problem of the epidemic that is currently sweeping the world as an issue pigtails and others.

6. Farewell Dom and Brian – Furious 7

You could say this is one scene that fans can’t forget Fast and Furious until now.

After the conflict in the seventh series ended, Brian and Dom met at a crossroads and rode together. They parted when they reached a crossroads. Throughout the scene, Dom continues to monologue about his memories with his sister-in-law to this day.

This scene itself is a tribute to the late Paul Walker who died in 2013. Meme creators often use it as a form of expression to say goodbye to the most precious things in life.

7. This is Brazil! – Fast and Furious 5

As one of the best sequels of course Five Fast also has some scenes that will not be forgotten until now.

One of the legendary scenes, of course, is the scene where Dom and Hobbs meet. Just then, agents who had been tracking the whereabouts of Toretto’s group came to Dom and his friends’ hangout and forced him to surrender.

Instead of obeying, Dom shouted at him with the words “This is Brazil!”, along with hundreds of guns aimed at illegal racers headed for law enforcement. As a result, Hobbs’s group had to withdraw before the firefight broke out.

This scene is often used by meme makers as a form of satire against the culture of their own country which is considered bad but ironically is still preserved until now.

That’s the scene list Fast and full of energy which is often used as a meme material until now. Is your favorite scene on this list? If not, let me know in the comments, okay!

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