7 Actors Who Almost Played Spider-Man Movie Version!

Currently, of course, many actors want to play Peter Parker and Spider-Man on the big screen.

But in the past there were some actors who couldn’t get this role, some even turned it down too!

Which actor almost played Spider-Man? Let’s see the following!

1. James Franco

7 Actors Who Almost Played Spider-Man Movie Version!netflix.com/The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

James Franco is an actor who plays Harry Osborn in the film Spider Man Sam Raimi, but did you know that he casting as Peter Parker!

His role as Peter Parker was turned down and instead was offered the role of Harry Osborn, of course he took the role.

This kind of thing is common in superhero movies, for example Tom Hiddleston who casting as Thor but instead became Loki.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

7 Actors Who Almost Played Spider-Man Movie Version!Columbia Pictures/Django Unchained

When the movie Spider Man Sam Raimi is still a draft, Leonardo DiCaprio is a strong candidate to play Peter Parker.

However, this concept was not used because Leonardo DiCaprio was considered too handsome to play Peter Parker.

3. Tom Cruise

7 Actors Who Almost Played Spider-Man Movie Version!comic book.com

In the MCU Tom Cruise almost played Tony Stark aka Iron Man, but in the 80s it was different.

In the 80s, the production house Cannon Films wanted to make Spider-Man films, one of which was Tom Cruise.

But the movie didn’t make it, Tom Cruise didn’t play it either.

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4. Asa Butterfield

7 Actors Who Almost Played Spider-Man Movie Version!hollywoodreporter.com

Before Tom Holland, the young actor who was targeted to play Peter Parker in the MCU was Asa Butterfield.

He even did screen test as Peter Parker in the movie captain america civil war with RDJ.

However, his role was canceled so that he was replaced by Tom Holland, whether it was a decision from Marvel’s side or from Asa Butterfield’s own side.

5. Frank Dillane

7 Actors Who Almost Played Spider-Man Movie Version!cbr.com

Looks like Peter Parker’s version Amazing spider man it was conceptualized to have a “wild” appearance, not geeky like Tobey Maguire.

Because before Andrew Garfield was chosen, actor Frank Dillane was also appointed to play Peter Parker.

However his role was also discontinued and he was replaced by Andrew Garfield as we know him today.

6. Josh Hutcherson

7 Actors Who Almost Played Spider-Man Movie Version!screenrant.com

Josh Hutcherson is a child actor who is famous for one of them in films Zatura, he also plays in Hunger Games.

Producer of Amazing spider man already appointed Josh Hutcherson as Peter Parker.

However, for reasons not yet known in detail, his role was replaced by Andrew Garfield.

7. Jake Gyllenhaal

7 Actors Who Almost Played Spider-Man Movie Version!netflix.com/Spider-Man: Away From Home

Before the movie Spider-Man 2 In its production, Tobey Maguire had an accident that left him injured and afraid that he would not be able to finish the film.

Jake Gyllenhaal, who previously almost played Peter Parker, was almost appointed again to play Peter in the second film.

However, Tobey Maguire managed to recover according to schedule so that the filming process was not disrupted.

Those are 7 actors who almost played Spider-Man. Which one is the most different from the ones you know today?

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