6 Facts about Police Findings Regarding Kris Wu’s Sexual Harassment Case Kasus

Suara.com – The police finally released an official statement regarding the sexual harassment case that befell Kris Wu. The former EXO member was accused of raping a minor with threats.

In its official statement, the police revealed details of an interim investigation into the case. It all started with Kris Wu’s relationship with Du Meizhu who claimed to be a victim of abuse.

Launching from Koreaboo, Friday (23/7/2021), at least there are some police findings related to their relationship.

1. Kris Wu invited Du Meizhu to be the MV model

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Kris Wu.  (Instagram/@kriswu)
Kris Wu. (Instagram/@kriswu)

Yes, the police said that Kris Wu’s manager asked Du Meizhu to join the casting of the artist’s video clip. They finally met at Kris Wu’s house.

The moment occurred on December 5, 2020 at around 10 local time. When Du Meizhu came, there were already about ten people playing games until they ended up getting drunk.

2. Sleeping together

Until finally they went home one by one and left Du Meizhu with Kris Wu. It was there that they ended up having sex for the first time.

3. Transferred money

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After that incident, Kris Wu and Du Meizhu’s relationship grew closer. They are even quite intense in communicating on WeChat.

The proof, on December 8, Kris Wu also sent money around USD 4946 to Du Meizhu for online shopping. Since then they have kept in touch until April 2021.

3. Du Meizhu decided to go public

Du Meizhu then discussed with his friend Liu (19 years old) in June 2021. They talked about the possibility of revealing Wu Yifan and Du Meizhu’s romance. This is supposedly done to increase popularity.

Then on June 2, 2021, Liu created a Liu Meili account on Weibo to post about her friend Du Meizhu being harassed by Kris Wu.

Kris Wu [Instagram]
Kris Wu [Instagram]

Du Meizhu also made a similar post about the abuse she experienced.

4. Xu’s involvement

Then there was the figure of Xu who contacted Du Meizhu to continue posting about Kris Wu’s harassment. He promised another post profit on July 16, 2021.

5. Kris Wu’s mother admits to being blackmailed

The police revealed that Kris Wu’s mother claimed to have been blackmailed by Du Meizhu on July 14, 2021. It turned out that there was another person named Liu (a 23-year-old male) who disguised herself as Du Meizhu to take advantage.

Now, Liu has been arrested and officially named a suspect. He thought of cheating to get money after seeing the statements of Du Meizhu and Liu (19 years old) on Weibo.

Liu initially disguised himself as a woman who was also a victim of Kris Wu. He scraped information about their relationship through Du Meizhu.

From there, he disguised himself as Du Meizhu to blackmail Kris Wu’s side. Liu asked for 463,640 USD.

6. Kris Wu’s mother was transferred

Yes, Kris Wu’s mother apparently sent money to Liu who claimed to be Du Meizhu of 77,275 USD.

Kris Wu scandal alleges allegations of raping 30 women.  (Instagram/kriswu)
Kris Wu scandal alleges allegations of raping 30 women. (Instagram/kriswu)

On the other hand, he also disguised himself as lawyer Wu to ask Du Meizhu to sign the settlement of this harassment case. However Du Meizhu refused.

“After Ms. Liu was arrested, she admitted to the charges of fraud. Currently, he is being held at the Chaoyang police station,” the police said.

As of now, the investigation itself is still ongoing. The police are still trying to dig up the facts regarding the sexual harassment that Kris Wu allegedly committed.

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