5 Villains Who Almost Killed Batman!

Bruce Wayne aka Batman is an unquestionably great DC Universe character. As an ordinary man, Bruce does not have superpowers like his friends in the Justice League, he only relies on his raw strength and some skills he learned as an assassin while in the League of Assassins led by Ra’s Al Ghul. The skills he learns are not arbitrary, he masters various martial arts and various deadly weapons, from close to long range weapons.

Since becoming Batman, Bruce has continued to train his physique and study the various weapons he creates. As a tycoon, he uses his wealth to defend the truth in Gotham, he creates technology to support him while defeating criminals, from electric batarangs to Batplanes that help him fly and move to various locations. However, with all these advantages, it turns out that there are some villains who almost made Batman lose. Here Are 5 Villains Who Almost Killed Batman!


It’s no secret that Batman nearly died when he faced Bane, both in DC Comics and in the movies The resurrection of the dark knight by Christopher Nolan in 2012. In comics Batman #497 By Doug Moench, released in 1993, Batman tasted a humiliating defeat. At the beginning of the fight, Batman’s abilities outperformed Bane, but as Bane grew older he was quite overwhelmed and exhausted. At that moment, Bane immediately lifted Batman, hit Batman’s knee and instantly broke Batman’s spine.


Almost everyone admits that Darkseid is a tremendous threat to the Justice League. In story The Last Crisis#6, Batman decides to break his vow to never use a weapon to stop Darkseid. When Darkseid and Batman confronted and fired their attacks, Batman managed to hit Darkseid and seriously injured him, but Darkseid also managed to hit Batman and leave him to the bone. However, as it turns out that Batman isn’t really dead, Darkseid’s omega ray inadvertently sends an amnesiac Batman back to prehistoric times.

Hugo Weird

Of all the enemies of Batman, Hugo Strange is the one whose intelligence is almost equal to that of Bruce Wayne. Professor Hugo Strange first appeared in comics Detective Comic #36 in 1940, as a scientist and criminal mastermind who uses machines to produce a thick fog every night so his gang can rob banks without being seen. Strange, seeing Batman as a threat, traps him and orders his men to ambush Batman. One of his men manages to hit Batman and knock him out. Batman wakes up in Strange’s lair tied up, before finally breaking the ropes and defeating Strange.


The Joker is Batman’s eternal enemy, he often beats Batman and even beats him. However, there is an interesting story in the cartoon The dark Knight, where Batman gets his defeat even though he manages to kill the Joker. Since the Joker knows from the start that Batman will not kill his enemy, this is used by the Joker to achieve his victory by forcing Batman to kill him when he threatens to shoot civilians. And since then Batman feels he has lost badly.

Laughing Batman

Many fans agree that Batman Who Laughs is the most powerful and scary Batman. Appears for the first time in comics Casting #1, Batman Who Laughs is the new enemy of Batman and the Justice League who managed to defeat the entire team. Batman Who Laughs proves to be physically and mentally threatening, even the Joker must step in to help Batman in his quest to defeat the Batman Who Laughs.

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