5 Recommended Adult Comedy Movies

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Not only is it peppered with the stomach churning action, some comedy movie also peppered with adult scenes. Follow movie recommendation comedy mature which you can watch with your partner.

Comedy films of this type generally have their own fans. Instead of watching a full-length raunchy movie, a comedy spiced up film will seem more interesting.

In the early 2000s, such films took over Hollywood. Here are some recommendations.

1. Road Trip (2000)

Road trip (2000)Journey So one of the recommended adult comedy films. (Dreamworks image via Imdb)

Journey is an American comedy film directed by Todd Phillips. Released on May 9, 2000, the film stars Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Paulo Costanzo, and DJ Qualls as four college friends.

The four traveled 1,800 miles on a mission. They intend to take a videotape containing the wrongly recorded sex scene.

2. Animals (2001)

Animals (2001)As an adult comedy film, Animal tells the story of a man who lives with animal organs. (Revolution Studio via Imdb)

Animal is an American comedy film starring Rob Schneider. This adult comedy film is directed by Luke Greenfield.

This film is about a policeman named Marvin Mange who is injured and loses one of his organs. A surgeon tries to replace a missing organ with an animal organ. From there, Marvin’s attitude became more and more like an animal.

3. Proposal (2009)

Proposal (2009)Adult comedy movies Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. (Touchstone image via Imdb)

Proposal became one of the romantic comedy films released in 2009. This film is directed by Anne Fletcher and stars famous players such as Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

This film is about Margaret, a woman from Canada and the editor of a high-end magazine in New York. Troubles at the immigration office forced him to force a subordinate at the office to pretend to be his fiancé in order not to be deported.

4. American Pie (1999)

American Pie (1999)american pie became one of the most popular adult comedy films. (Universal Image via imdb)

Who doesn’t know the movie american pie? The films are said to represent the lives of the younger generation at that time or in the 1990s.

Directed by Paul Weitz, this film has several sequels among them American Pie 2 (2001), American Wedding (2003), and America Reunion (2012).

Starring Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, and many more, this film is about how America’s younger generation seeks love and sex.

5. The Girl Next door (2004)

Next Door (2004)Adult comedy movies The girl who lives next door tells the story of a teenage boy who falls in love with a former porn star. (Daylight via Imdb)

The girl who lives next door is an American romantic comedy film released in 2004. Directed by Luke Greenfield, this film stars names such as Emile Hirsch, Elisha Cuthbert, Timothy Olyphant, and many more.

The storyline is simple. The film is about a high school student, Matthew, who falls in love for the first time with a girl who lives next door. However, the situation gets complicated when Matthew finds out that his idol is a former porn star.

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