5 Reasons Why Indosiar TV (FTV) Movies Are Interested Despite Strange Titles

Although many Indosiar TV movie titles are eccentric, it turns out that there are still a lot of fans. This is why Indosiar soap operas or FTV are still the favorites.

Television film or commonly called FTV is a type of film produced by production house and broadcast on television. FTV usually comes with a duration of about 120—180 minutes with various themes, such as love, life tragedy, horror, and others.

Indosiar TV station is famous for producing FTV with various titles that air every day. One of the famous programs is wife’s heart.

The themes and titles are also diverse, not infrequently the quirky titles are viral on social media. Some of them are My Husband’s Second Wife Online Game, My Wife Left Her Family To Be A Tiktok Artist, How to Wake My Overly Obsessed Wife with K-pop, and much more.

Although most appear with titles that are said to be eccentric, it turns out that FTV Indosiar is not empty of fans, you know. Guess why, huh? Check it out below, come on!

The reason Indosiar FTV (FTV) is loved

1. Unique title that makes you curious

The quirky title actually makes the audience curious. How not, when we see the unique title in the trailer, we will be made to wonder.

For example, title My Wife Left Her Family To Be A TikTo Artistk, as the audience, we will wonder, “Is that so, just because of a wife’s request to abandon her husband and children?”

Although ridiculous, but the story can happen in the real world. The reason is, the activity of being a TikTok celebrity looks tempting, causing a sense of obsession for some people. Not to mention if this quirky title goes viral on social media, netizens are curious and watch the reruns on TV or YouTube.

2. Exclusive cast

The actors in Indosiar TV films are usually dominated by actors who we rarely see in any films or soap operas, except for the Indosiar FTV series itself. Usually the actors in this FTV are consistent in playing their roles.

What kind of consistency? If you look at an actor who plays a rough playboy character, you will see an actor with the same character in a different FTV title.

Another example, when you see an actor with the role of a molested wife, in other titles she will usually play the same role. Of course, the actor’s skill in displaying expressions on FTV Indosiar deserves thumbs up.

3. Flexible showtimes

The reason FTV Indosiar is selling well even though the title is odd

The reason FTV Indosiar is selling well even though the title is odd


The fans of Indosiar’s FTV are indeed diverse, ranging from teenagers to the elderly. Usually the fans of this FTV are housewives, considering the stories raised are usually themed about domestic life.

This TV movie usually airs every day after 4 pm. Usually, at that hour, mother has finished cooking and is resting while relaxing, right?

The same is true for teens who have returned home from school. Usually, they will use the afternoon to relax and watch TV. Not surprisingly, FTV Indosiar is also increasingly becoming a household spectacle. Because the broadcast hours are in accordance with the target, this is one of the triggers for the large number of Indosiar FTV fans.

4. end predictable, but curious?

The reason FTV Indosiar is selling well even though the title is odd

The reason FTV Indosiar is selling well even though the title is odd


Usually if you watch FTV you can guess for yourself end-his. For example, if you tell the character of a husband who cheats and likes to abuse his wife, of course we already know that the character will get revenge or punishment for his own behavior.

So, what makes you curious? Well, when we understand endWhere are you going, we will wonder what kind of revenge/punishment will be given to the perpetrators? Is the character given time to sober up and repent? Or even the characters don’t have time and are doomed to die?

Sometimes, the replies given to evil characters are often unexpected. For example, once shown the character of a wife who wakes up from a coma because her child is treated to a TikTok song. Totally random, right? So it all depends on the director who determines the ending of the story, yes.

5. There are lessons to be learned

The reason Indosiar TV (FTV) films are selling well even though the title is strange

Why is the Indosiar TV (FTV) Movie Interested Even though the Title is Weird Via


Who would have thought, even though there are many FTV Indosiar with quirky titles, it turns out that there is a moral message in it. Because many FTV broadcasts about marriage problems, viewers are reminded that marriage vows must be kept. Husbands and wives need to realize that they have made a sacred promise heard by God.

In addition, the audience is also reminded that we cannot change a person’s character. Only the will of the person himself can change or improve his nature.

Then, we will also realize that there will always be trials in marriage. What needs to be underlined is that we must face it with a cool head, not even vent it on something bad.


Well, the things that make FTV possible have been explained above Indosiar is still in demand. How about you? Are you a fan of FTV Indosiar?


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