5 Old Characters Back in The Matrix 4!

Matrix 4 is an upcoming sci-fi action film that will continue the story of Neo’s adventures in the world of the Matrix. As the third sequel Matrix (1999), the film with the official title Matrix Awakening It’s almost 18 years from the previous two sequels i.e Matrix Reload (2003) and Matrix Revolution (2003). Recently, a teaser video showed a glimpse of the characters that will be present in the film later. While the old characters are not young anymore, it looks like they will become an important part of the story Matrix Awakening whole.

In the teaser video, you can see snippets of stunning action scenes involving the characters in the film, from old characters to completely new characters. Some of the new characters that appear in the teaser are the character played by Neil Patrick Harris, a Neo therapy doctor in the Matrix, and the rumored character Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as young Morpheus. While fans should be disappointed that Laurence Fishburne isn’t returning as Morpheus, some of the older characters will. Matrix Awakening which is scheduled to premiere on December 22, 2021. Here are the key characters that will be returning in The Matrix 4!


Played by actor Keanu Reeves, Neo’s real name is Thomas A. Anderson. As the protagonist in the franchise Matrix, Neo appears in all of The Matrix films. At first it was he who chose the Blue Pill, the blue pill that held people back in the Matrix, until finally Morpheus and crew Nebuchadnezzar Save him. He then chooses the Red Pill to escape the Matrix virtual world simulation, and becomes The One who is destined to free humanity from the Matrix and end centuries of machine wars.


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In the third film entitled Matrix Revolution, Neo makes a heroic sacrifice to stop Agent Smith from being controlled by the Matrix. The sacrifice he made by returning to the Matrix and allowing himself to be absorbed by the Smith Program, he did it to destroy Smith from within. After Neo and Smith are seen dead, the Matrix machine carries Neo’s corpse as a tribute to him for stopping the war between humans and machines. Now, the question is how did Neo get back? Awakening Matrix? That will be answered when the film is released on December 22, 2021.


Played by actress Carrie-Anne Moss, Trinity is Neo’s lover and Nebuchadnezzar’s first member. Just like Neo, Trinity appears in all of The Matrix films and dies in the third film. In the movie matrix revolution, Trinity is involved in the rescue mission of Neo from the Matrix. At the end of the film while trying to dodge the Machines chasing them, their hovercraft crashes. The accident leaves Trinity stabbed with electric wires in the stomach and arm, which leaves her dead after saying a final goodbye to Neo. Trinity is back Matrix Awakening It will only be answered when the film is out.


Played by actress Jada Pinkett Smith, Niobe is a member of the Resistance and captain of hovercraft logo and logos II, with Ghosts and Sparks. Niobe debuted in The Matrix Reloaded and returned in The Matrix Revolution. As captain logos, he is the best pilot and martial arts expert of the city of Zion. Characters will be back in the movie matrix rise, but for now his involvement remains a mystery.

Agent Johnson

Played by actor Daniel Bernhardt, Agent Johnson is the main Agent whose abilities have been enhanced. While his role is not as large as Agent Smith, he is somewhat more influential than his counterparts such as Agents Thompson and Jackson. Agent Johnson only appears in The Matrix Reloaded. In his final battle, Johnson and the other Agents try to stop Niobe and Ghost from blowing up the power plant. Agent Johnson then fights Ghost, before he is electrocuted by a corrupted computer server. It’s likely that Agent Johnson will return to battle in Resurrection Matrix.


Played by actor Lambert Wilson, Merovingian aka Frenchman is a powerful ancient program in the Matrix that portrays himself as a mob boss and claims to be an information smuggler. He appeared in two sequels Matrix namely The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolution. He and his wife, Persephone, operate a smuggling network that provides shelter for the Matrix’s exile program. Merovingian is last seen when Trinity points a gun at him and asks him to hand over Neo, Merovingian then agrees and releases Neo. Possibility in Matrix Awakening The Merovingian will reunite with Trinity and Neo, while his alignment remains unclear.

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