5 Marvel Movies with the Most Troubled Productions

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a universe that contains a collection of popular films from Marvel Studios that have been in production for more than 10 years.

The name of large production, especially in the long term there must be some obstacles that occur in production.

But which MCU film has the most problematic production? Here are some that are known!

1. Amazing Hulk

5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies with the Most Problematic ProductionsDock. Marvel Studios

Hulk’s first film in the MCU was Amazing Hulk is one of the most problematic MCU films.

Edward Norton had issues with the script until he got involved in the script as well.

In addition, Edward Norton and director Louis Leterrier had a conflict with Marvel Studios over the duration, where they wanted the duration to be 135 minutes, but Marvel won and the film was under 120 minutes.

Production problems were one of the reasons why Edward Norton didn’t want to continue the role of Bruce Banner.

2. Thor: Dark World

5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies with the Most Problematic Productionslooper.com

Patty Jenkins was originally the director appointed by Marvel Studios to direct the film Thor: Dark World.

Patty Jenkins has a second film concept Thor It’s like Romeo and Juliet, where the story of Thor and Jane is based on a love story from another world.

But Marvel Studios had its own concept, a concept that was not in line with Patty Jenkins and he ultimately chose to leave the project. Eventually Thor: Dark World so the worst film of all the MCU films.

3. Ant Man

5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies with the Most Problematic Productionsscreenrant.com

Edgar Wright is the director appointed by Marvel Studios in the production of the film Ant Man.

Kevin Feige himself said that the film Ant Man would enhance Edgar Wright’s signature point of view.

But due to creative differences, Edgar Wright left the project, even saying in 2017 that he would never see the film. Ant Man.

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4. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Once again the issue of creative differences between the director and Marvel Studios that created problems in the production of the film Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Are you aware of the many scenes in trailers that doesn’t appear in the movie? Especially Thor’s dream scene of the Infinity Stones?

The reason is because there are a lot of views from Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios for this film, even some scenes were almost deleted by Marvel such as the Clint Barton house scene.

5. Spider-Man: Homecoming

5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies with the Most Problematic Productionstheverge.com

For this film, actually when production is going well, the problem is pre-production.

Since 2014 Kevin Feige has volunteered to help Sony remake films Spider Man (who at that time was still played by Andrew Garfield).

The deal issues between Sony and Marvel Studios are tough, especially the profit-sharing issue for the film. Until finally a deal was found and Spidey appeared in Civil war.

6. Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness

5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies with the Most Problematic Productionsplaylist.net

This film has not yet been released, in fact production has finished in April 2021.

As Spider Man, the problem was not during production but pre-production where there were disagreements between original director Scott Derrickson and Marvel Studios (again).

Scott Derrickson is experienced enough to make horror films, that’s why he wants to make Doctor Strange 2 with the nuances of horror, but Marvel Studios somewhat disagreed, discussions ensued until finally Scott Derrickson left this project.

Finally, Sam Raimi was chosen to work on the film and also used a horror theme.

So it’s an MCU film that had problems during production, anything else? Write in the comments column yes.

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