5 Indonesian Artists Who Have Been Members of the TNI and Polri

Becoming an artist is the dream of many people, gang. These artists can come from all walks of life.

In fact, there are some celebrities who have been known to have professions that are far from the world of entertainment, you know.

Call it a number of artists, along with their gangs, where before entering the entertainment world, basically they already had good jobs, namely as members of the TNI or Polri.

You may be quite surprised to hear this. But in fact, it really happened.

Curious who they are? Well, here Jaka will divulge to you a number of artists who were formerly members of the TNI or also the Police.

Listen to the end, yes!

1. Kabul Basuki (Tessy Srimulat)

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Maybe you are not so familiar with the name Kabul Basuki. But if the name is Tessy Srimulat, it must be familiar, right?

That’s right, gang, he is a senior comedian who has had his fill of eating sour and salty in the Indonesian entertainment world.

His name became popular since joining the legendary comedy group Srimulat. She who often appears in a typical female kemayu style has also successfully entertained Indonesian television audiences.

Even so, the figure who is known for his iconic expression, Hate Me! it turned out to be a former member of the KKO or what is now known as the MARINIR, his accomplice.

Who is new to this fact?

2. Norman Kamaru

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Who remembers Norman Kamaru? He is a member of the Police who was viral in his time, the gang.

His name became popular after he imitated the dance moves of Indian actor, Shah Rukh Khan. His signature dance then spread through social media and stole the attention of many people.

Often appearing on television in the country, Norman Kamaru finally decided to fully dive into the world of entertainment and resigned as a member of the National Police.

But unfortunately, Norman Kamaru’s career in the entertainment world is not as bright as when it first appeared.

Gradually, Norman Kamaru’s name began to be forgotten and no new news was heard.

3. Kaharudin Shah

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Connoisseurs of the entertainment world in the 80s may already be familiar with the senior actor Kaharuddin Syah. He himself was a film and soap opera actor who was very popular in his time.

Among the dozens of films he has starred in, there are several that have become hits, such as the film titled Naga Bonar and Notes Si Boy.

But before plunging into the world of entertainment, Kaharuddin Syah was not an arbitrary figure, a gang.

The reason, he turned out to be a retired Navy Navy you know. His last rank was no joke, namely for Lieutenant Colonel.

The senior actor himself passed away at the age of 69 on March 12, 2012 ago

4. Amoroso Katamsi

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The father figure of the famous musician Doddy Katamsi, Amoroso Katamsi will always be remembered by the public through his role in the popular soap opera Tukang Bubur Naik Haji.

But in fact, the man who was born in Jakarta, October 21, 1940, has also been an active member of the Indonesian Navy.

He has also attained the rank of high-ranking officer with the last rank of First Admiral (one-star general). In addition, he is also a doctor, gang.

Well, his name became known in the entertainment world when he played in the film Penumpasan Pengk, the betrayal of the G-30 S/PKI in 1982.

With such a background, the former chairman of PARFI also starred in a military-themed film titled Behind 98.

5. Kris Biantoro

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Kris Biantoro’s name was known as a master presenter in his time. In addition, he also pursues several other fields of entertainment such as being a singer and also as an actor.

Not only that, the owner’s full name Christoporus Soebiantoro is also a veteran who had fought in Operation Trikora, a gang.

The actor, who died on August 13, 2013 at the age of 75, has also starred in a number of well-known films.

Some of the films he has starred in include Si Manis Jembatan Ancol, Kuntianak, Bajingan Rancid, Tiga Sekawan, to Binal Horses.

The final word

Who would have thought, gang, behind their popularity as celebrities, they used to be former members of the TNI and also the Police.

Although they are two very different professions, some of them are able to carry out both professions very well.


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