5 Films Love Different Religions, Latest ‘Today Why, Naira?

Brilio.net – Religious differences must be addressed with a cool head and healthy dialogue. However, what happens when religious differences are included in the love story of young people? Of course, the love of different religions can cause controversy in society.

Love for different religions is still considered taboo by the community, so it can cause noise that can damage relations between religious communities. Therefore, many people often state their position in secret or reject it altogether.

Like it or not, love of different religions is something that really happens in society. Therefore, this kind of theme is quite often the subject of film adaptations.

Neither a film that moderates this theme nor one that dares to go against the mainstream. Recently, the film ‘Today Why, Naira?’ starring Prilly Latuconsina which will be airing soon.


In addition to the film, of course, there are still some interesting films about different religions. Curious about anything?

summarized brilio.net from various sources, Thursday (19/8), here are 5 films that tell the love story of interfaith couples.

1. Today Why, Naira? (2021).

This film tells about the love of different religions from various sources

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‘Today Why, Naira?’ comes with the tagline #PatahHatiPalingSengaja which tries to raise the love story of different religions. This film will star Prilly Latuconsina, Irzan Faiq, and Bryan Domani.

Reported from the official account Sinemaku Pictures @sinemaku.pictures on July 27, 2021, the film directed by Umay Shahab is currently in production and will soon be broadcast on True Id.

2. Assalamualaikum Beijing (2014).

This film tells about the love of different religions from various sources

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‘Assalamualaikum Beijing’ is a film adapted from the novel by Asma Nadia with the same title. The film, starring Revalina S Temat and Morgan Oey, tells the story of Asma’s journey to Beijing after her marriage failed.

In Beijing, she meets Zhongwen, a man who later falls in love with her. However, this love was not well received due to religious differences. Asthma had disappeared and Zhongwen was looking for her whereabouts. Although it tells the story of love for different religions, this film is full of stories of wisdom in the Islamic world.

3. Love But Different (2012).

This film tells about the love of different religions from various sources

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‘Love But Difference’ tells the story of meeting Cahyo who comes from a devout Muslim family, and Diana who comes from a Catholic background that is no less devout. The meeting occurred when Cahyo was heartbroken because Mitha, her ex-lover left cheating on her.

Cahyo and Diana’s relationship is getting serious and they are officially dating even though they have different beliefs. The conflict in this film gets hotter when Cahyo and Diana want to continue their marriage.

Cahyo’s father strongly rejected the marriage plan and even threatened to break the family ties. Meanwhile, Diana was forced to marry her mother’s choice. This film depicts the struggles of every couple who collide with religious differences.

4. Three Hearts Two Worlds, One Love (2010).

This film tells about the love of different religions from various sources

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‘Three Hearts, Two Worlds, One Love’ is a film adapted from two novels by Ben Sohib entitled Da Peci Code and Rosid and Delia. This film depicts how love is between different religions and how conflict is built by the characters.

In this film, Delia (Laura Basuki), a Catholic woman falls in love with Rosid (Reza Rahadian) who was born into a devout Muslim family. Their love was hindered by Rosid’s parents who tried to separate them.

In fact, Rosid’s extended family had set him up with Nabila, a girl with a hijab who is both Muslim. In addition to showing the turmoil of religious differences, this film also features a witty comedy from the characters. A film that allows the audience to be clear about religious differences.

5. Cin(T)a (2009).

This film tells about the love of different religions from various sources

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‘Cin(T)a’ is Sammaria Simanjuntak’s debut film as a director. This film tells the story of China (Sunny Soon) who falls in love with Annisa (Saira Jihan), a senior at his college.

Annisa’s age difference which is much older does not make these two couples fall in love with each other. However, their love is due to religious differences.

China is a devout Christian and Annisa is also a devout Muslim. This film becomes Sammaria Simanjuntak’s obsession with questions about God and how interfaith love can be done.

At the beginning of its release, this film was said to be quite brave and had caused controversy in Muslim-majority communities such as Indonesia.


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