5 Facts about Tania Ayu Allegedly Involved in Prostitution, Rates Change During Stay

Suara.com – After her name was allegedly dragged into an online prostitution case, the facts of Tania Ayu began to emerge. The celebrity whose full name is Tania Ayu Siregar is still a witness in prostitution cases.

Previously, the public was curious about the initials of TA, who was said to be involved in an online prostitution case. The Bandung District Court, which handled this case, sentenced four defendants who were pimps by profession.

Tania Ayu's upload [Instagram/@taniaayusiregarofficial]
Tania Ayu’s upload [Instagram/@taniaayusiregarofficial]

Now that TA’s initials have been revealed, many are still wondering who Tania Ayu really is. Suara.com summarizes the complete facts of Tania Ayu below, OK!

1. Models, DJs, celebrities

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Who wants to invite Tania Ayu to ride this car?  (Instagram)
Who wants to invite Tania Ayu to ride this car? (Instagram)

Tania Ayu Siregar’s face is rarely seen on the small or big screen. But actually he has been in the entertainment world for a long time. Tania was originally a model and DJ. Along with her increasing fame, Tania also received a lot of support and was mentioned as a celebrity.

2. Have you ever played a movie?

Her name was dragged into the prostitution case, Tania Ayu Selfie Pose PPKM: Nutmeg Dizziness, Lack of Money.  (instagram.com/taniaayusiregarofficial)
Her name was dragged into the prostitution case, Tania Ayu Selfie Pose PPKM: Nutmeg Dizziness, Lack of Money. (instagram.com/taniaayusiregarofficial)

Tania Ayu finally managed to stick her nails in the world of acting through films Under age. This film tells the story of young teenagers who are looking for their identity which makes them do mischief. Her appearance in the film is brief and Tania plays a prostitute.

In addition, Tania also played in the film Application for Marriage, the series Cinta untuk Dimas.

3. Many followers

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Tania Ayu [Instagram]
Tania Ayu [Instagram]

The next row of Tania Ayu facts, she already has many followers on social media. On Instagram, his followers have more than 900 thousand users. While on Youtube, its subscribers have reached more than 20 thousand users.

4. Tariffs of tens of millions

Tania Ayu {Instagram/taniaayusiregarofficial]
Tania Ayu {Instagram/taniaayusiregarofficial]

From the online prostitution case, it was revealed that pimps charge a short-term fee of Rp. 15 million and a long duration of Rp. 30 million for TA. If you stay overnight, the rate will increase, which is around Rp. 70 million.

“Getting a confession, witness Tania Ayu likes to be ordered through the Nookie28 account. Short time costs IDR 30 million, length of stay IDR 70 million, “said a statement from the West Java Police Ditreskrimsus. .

5. Allegedly committing online prostitution to fulfill needs

Tania Ayu [Instagram]
Tania Ayu [Instagram]

Tania Ayu’s motive for doing this work is because of money. The reason is, the payment from filming the soap opera is received every two months. In order to fulfill responsibilities such as paying assistant salaries, Tania Ayu inevitably gets involved in online prostitution.

Those are the facts of Tania Ayu, the artist who was caught in an online prostitution case.

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