5 Facts about Ikaris, Member of the Eternals with the Most Badass Power

Ikaris will be one of the Marvel superheroes who plays an important role in the film Eternals. As a member of the god race, Ikaris also possessed the most formidable power.

In the fourth phase of the MCU, we will see the arrival of a number of the latest Marvel superheroes. Some of them will also appear through the film Eternal which is scheduled to be released in November 2021. Through this film, we will be presented with a number of members of a race of cosmic beings named The Eternals, one of which is Ikaris, played by actor Richard Madden.


If you have watched the second trailer of the film Eternal, must have known that Ikaris became one of the most prominent characters. This is because he appeared with such power motherfucker and can easily defeat the enemies in the movie. Based on the trailer, it is certain that Ikaris will be an important figure in the film later.

Well, before you watch the movie Eternal in theaters, check out some facts about Ikaris below!

1. The Third Generation of Eternals Against Deviants

Marvel Eternals Movie Ikaris Facts

Ikaris Marvel Eternals Facts Via


Ikaris is a character created by Jack Kirby who first appeared in comics Eternal #1 (1976). Since the beginning of its appearance, Ikaris is told as the third generation of Eternals who were born about 20 thousand years ago and have the nickname “Iceberg”. He is also described as a very loyal member of his cosmic race.

He also wouldn’t think twice about immediately helping or protecting members of his race who were in trouble. Moreover, if the matter already involves Deviants, race humanoid Celestial creation who has a desire for power. The reason is, the Eternals race was created by the Celestials to protect humans from the threat of the Deviants.

Ikaris is also very obedient to the purpose of his creation and always protects human civilization from Deviance. In fact, as a result, Ikaris has an inner connection with human civilization that makes him want to reveal the existence of his race on Earth.

2. Icarus’ father and guide to Noah’s ship

Marvel Eternals Movie Ikaris Facts

Ikaris Marvel Eternals Facts Via


As has been discussed a little in the previous point, Ikaris has a fairly close relationship with human civilization. This also makes him often involved in a number of important histories or mythologies in human civilization.

One of them also involves a large ship belonging to the Prophet Noah that accommodates humans and animals which is often called the “Ark”. In the comics, Ikaris is also told to guide the big ship so that it can survive the brunt of the great flood.

In addition, Ikaris is also depicted as the father of Icarus, a Greek mythological figure who is said to have flown so close to the sun that his waxy wings melted. Ikaris is also said to have created Icarus’ wings so the two could fly together. However, when Ikaris circled the galaxy, Icarus instead flew alone to approach the sun which later gave rise to mythology.

3. Has Strength Above Ordinary Immortals

Marvel Eternals Movie Ikaris Facts

Ikaris Marvel Eternals Facts Via


As mentioned in the opening section, Ikaris appeared motherfucker in the second trailer of the movie Eternal. This is not too surprising, because in the comic version, Ikaris can be said to have the power of a number of other members of the Eternals who are considered gods on Earth.

As a member of the Eternals, Ikaris was born with cosmic energy in his body that made him an immortal so he could not die due to natural factors. In addition, this cosmic energy also gives Ikaris various other superpowers. One of them is manipulating cosmic energy into eye rays with super hot temperatures as we can see in the trailer.

That eye ability could be said to be an iconic power that only Ikaris possessed. In addition, Ikaris also has several other super abilities, such as flying, lifting very heavy weights, creating illusions, and even teleporting.

4. Has Worked With Other Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Eternals Ikaris Facts

Ikaris Marvel Eternals Facts Via


Considering that he is an immortal figure, Ikaris can certainly lead a modern life. It also allows him to meet a number of famous Marvel superheroes that exist in the modern era. In fact, on several occasions he has also worked with a number of these Marvel superheroes, you know!

Ikaris has several times fought side by side with Iron Man to exchange philosophies with Doctor Strange. Not only that, he also fought with the Avengers and the West Coast Avengers led by Hawkeye. Of course, it is possible that Ikaris in the MCU will also work with a number of other Marvel superheroes.

5. Hates Thena and Wants To Take The Title Of Eternal Prime From Her



For your information, the Eternals race has a leader known as the Prime Eternal. In the Ikaris era, the title of Prime Eternal was also held by Thena who got the title after the death of Zuras who was her father. However, Ikaris can be said to really hate Thena who he considers unfit to lead the Eternals, thus causing the two of them to often come into conflict.

Ikari’s hatred is also increased by the forbidden love relationship forged by Thena with the leader of the Deviants who are enemies of their race. As a result, Ikaris also challenges Thena for the title of Prime Eternal. In this battle, Ikaris managed to win and finally bore the title of Prime Eternal.

In the film version, we will also be shown the figure of Thena, played by Angelina Jolie. So, it is possible that a dispute between Ikaris and Thena will also be raised and could become one of the conflicts in the film.


So, those are a series of facts about Ikaris, a new character that will be introduced in MCU Phase 4. From these facts, which one catches your attention the most? share your opinion below and keep following KINCIR for interesting articles about other films, okay!


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